The Best Hockey Stick Blades

Many hockey players use a true 1-piece hockey stick. That doesn’t mean that’s your only option. You can use a 2-piece hockey stick but you’ll need to know the best hockey stick blades and shafts.

This allows you to customize the feel of your stick to whatever you prefer. Maybe you like Easton’s shafts and Bauer’s blades3. You’re able to put those pieces together to create your own hockey stick.

We’ll provide you with our list of 4 hockey stick blades we really like. Don’t worry, we’ll get to hockey stick shafts later.

hockey stick blades

1. Bauer Supreme 1S Blade

As mentioned in our best hockey sticks article, Bauer makes high quality sticks. That’s why we couldn’t help but include the Bauer Supreme 1S in our list of favorite hockey stick blades.

The Bauer Supreme 1S blade shares many of the same benefits of its 1-piece counterpart. It has a Power Sense Core 2 blade meaning the blade is lightweight while still being durable.

It also has the same lies as the 1-piece stick. They’re all named after hockey players but you should focus on the number. They either lie 5,6 or 7. This determines the angle between the shaft and the blade and how your blade sits on the ice.

You should also focus on the curve of the blade. There’s mid-toe, mid, heel and mid-heel. This tells you where the stick begins to curve.

You should also keep in mind the depth of your curve. There are several different measurements:

  • Shallow
  • Deep
  • Medium

The deeper the curve, the easier it is to lift the puck – especially when you’re in tight on the goalie.

All of these measurements are based on preference, but it’s important to keep your position in mind when deciding. Defensemen what less of a curve so they can keep their shots low to the ice where forwards may want a deep curve to roof shots in tight.

2. Warrior Dynasty HD1 Stick Blade

Warrior is a relatively new company to the hockey world but they’ve become one of the most popular stick producers. That’s not only because of their wacky names, but because they make a quality product. The same is true with their warrior dynasty hockey stick blades.

They’re made with a blend of carbon fibers and toughened epoxy. You’re guaranteed to get a blade that’s durable, light and responsive. You’ll be able to feel the puck much better with the Warrior Dynasty HD1 blade than any other hockey blade.

Measuring a Warrior Dynasty HD1 is different than with the Bauer Supreme 1S. The biggest changes is with their lies. They are 4, 5 and 6. It still measures the angle of the blade and the shaft.  That means the blade sits differently on the ice than the Bauer Supreme 1S.

3. True A6.0 Hockey Blade

The True A6.0 doesn’t have a 1-piece counterpart. It was made as only a blade. That doesn’t make it a bad option. In fact, it’s one of our favorite hockey stick blades.

The biggest features of the True A6.0 is the Pro Blade. This gives you an extremely quick release. Who wouldn’t want a quick release – you’d fool most goalies with your shot.

You can also check the lie, deepness and where your True A6.0 hockey stick blade curves. The biggest difference is the lie. You have the choice between 5, 5.5 and 6.

4. Sher-Wood 950 Hockey Stick Blade

We’ve mentioned a few composite hockey stick blades, but the Sher-Wood 950 is the only one on the list made from wood. While many young hockey players will argue that wood is too heavy, it really comes down to what you like best.

The Sher-Wood 950  is reinforced with fiberglass. That means it’s impact resistant and more sturdy than traditional wood blades. You won’t need to worry too much about digging in the corner for the puck.

If your Sher-Wood 950 happens to break, don’t worry. One of the biggest benefits of wood hockey sticks and blades is that they aren’t as expensive as their composite counter-parts. You can’t lose with the Sher-Wood 950.

If You’re Using a 2-Piece Stick, You’ll Want One of These Hockey Stick Blades

There are many different hockey stick blades on the market but we narrowed your search down to our 4 favorites:

Once you’ve picked you stick blade, the next step is to pick a good shaft. Since it’s a 2-piece stick, you don’t want to focus on one piece more than the other.

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