The Lightest Hockey Skates

No one wants to be the slowest skater on the ice. You want to be able to burn your opponents like they’re standing still. So why wouldn’t you get the lightest hockey skates available?

There’s only one small problem:

Between Bauer, CCM, Easton and all of the other brands of skates, it might be hard to determine which skates are the lightest – especially since you can’t weigh them as your shop. That’s where we come in.

We’ll provide you with our list of the lightest hockey skates on the market right now. Before you know, you’ll be the fastest skater on your team.

lightest hockey skates

1. Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Skates

Which NHL players trust Bauer?

Alexander Ovechkin, Patrick Kane, Steven Stamkos, Jonathan Toews and 2016 first overall pick Austin Matthews to name a few.

There’s a good reason these superstars use Bauer. It’s because they make some of the best equipment on the market. That goes for the Bauer Supreme 1S.

These light weight skates weigh in at a measly 614 grams. Wow! Now that’s the lightest hockey skate out there. The Supreme 1S upgraded their polyester liner so it’s much lighter and dries faster. No more heavy, sweat soaked skates for you!

Not only are they light, but they’re comfortable. They’re slightly wider in the forefoot and have no negative space throughout the heel and ankle. Match that with their form fitting padding and you have a skate that will feel perfect on anyone’s foot.

Don’t worry:

The Supreme 1S will protect your foot. With several players in recent memory having tendon tears (we all remember what happened to Erik Karlsson), you’ll be happy to know that Bauer has new C-flex technology for greater protection of your tendons. It won’t restrict your movement either.

2. Bauer Nexus 1N Skates

To nobody’s surprise, the second lightest hockey skate on this list is also made by Bauer.  It makes sense. If you’re going to have stars like Kane and Ovechkin using your products, they’d better be good!

The Bauer Nexus 1N hockey skate only weighs 787 grams. They also use the same polyester liner that dries faster so your skate won’t absorb as much sweat and water. Thanks to the Nexus 1N, you’ll be able to split the D without any problems.

They also have a 52oz felt tongue and Curv composite metatarsal guard to protect the front of your foot and ankle. You’ll be able to block shots with no fear!

Much like the Supreme 1S LE, the Nexus 1N also have form fitting foam for a comfortable fit no mater the size and shape of your foot.

3. CCM JetSpeed Hockey Skates

Since 1905, CCM has been a part of the hockey world. With over 11 decades of experience, they have perfected making hockey skates. The JetSpeed is proof!

At only 790 grams, the JetSpeed is the 3rd lightest hockey skate on our list, only 3 grams more than the Nexus 1N. That’s not too shabby.

The JetSpeed has a super sleek red and black design. You’ll look sharp while blowing past your opponents.

Much like the Nexus 1N, the two piece, multi-layer tongue is perfect for blocking shots. Don’t have to be scared, you won’t feel a thing.

4. Graf Peakspeed PK4400 Hockey Skates

Graf has always made a great, under appreciated skate. The Peakspeed PK4400 is no different. They’re the perfect blend of lightweight, comfort and protection.

Let’s start out by saying that the Peakspeed PK4400 is only 810 grams. Not bad, only 20 grams more than the Jetspeed and 23 more the the Nexus N1.

One thing the Peakspeed PK4400 boasts in their footbed. It’s moldable to give you more arch support. They also have a FlexFit collar to give you the perfect range of motion.

The liner is heat-moldable as well. They’ll form to your feet faster and will stay dry longer.

That’s not all:

You won’t feel a thing when crashing and digging in the corners thanks to the Peakspeed PK4400’s lined toe cap. It’s also enhanced for direct puck impact. Your toes won’t be protected like this with any other skate.

Speed Kills: Dominate the Competition With the Lightest Hockey Skates

Getting the lightest hockey skates has some major advantages:

  • Complete strides faster
  • Strides will be more explosive
  • Transition faster
  • Lighter
  • Move faster

Skating is the most important part of hockey. If you can skate well, you’ll be more effective overall. Fast skaters win more races to loose pucks, get more breakaways and back check better. This means more pucks end up in your opponents net than yours.

So what are you waiting for! Don’t settle for just any hockey skate. You want the lightest hockey skates available. It’s your next step to dominating the league.