Best Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

If you’re a goalie, you know how important it is to have a great chest protector. They protect your heart, lungs and rubs 90+ mph shots and give you the confidence to stand in front of them in the first place. It’s no wonder you want to have one of the best hockey goalie chest protectors.

hockey goalie chest protectors

From CCM to Bauer, many companies make chest protectors, but you don’t want just any old one. You’re looking for the best hockey goalie chest protectors and that’s what we’re here to help you with. Check out our list of the 5 best chest protects below.

CCM Premier Pro

The CCM Premier Pro Chest Protector with full arm padding is one most highly rated of all brands on the market. It features large, High-Density foam blocks in all of the highly sensitive areas including; the sternum, kidney, shoulders and full-length arm coverage. The fabric that covers the whole protector is made from a highly breathable material that helps to keep the wearer comfortable as they are playing.

The seams and straps are an extra heavy duty to ensure that they are able to hold up against extra long wear. While the high density molded foam provides maximum protection, the Premier Pro Chest Protector from CCM is still relatively comfortable for the goalie to wear.

Key Feature

  • Multiple HD Foam Blocks
  • Full arm protection
  • Covered in lightweight breathable fabric

Bauer Supreme s190

Bauer is one of the most recognizable names in hockey equipment manufacturing and the Supreme S190 is another one in a long line of high-quality products. With the goalie needing the most protection on the ice with them having to stand between pucks traveling in excess of 70 mph and the goal. This chest protector features oversized HD foam blocks that are positioned in all the right places.

Bauer paid extra attention to most sensitive areas like the sternum, shoulders, elbows, and kidneys. The other areas feature smaller foam blocks that are positioned for maximum protection, while still allowing for comfort and mobility. Everything is covered in a lightweight, breathable fabric.

Key Features

  • Unique, angled HD Foam Block Padding
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Heavy Duty sewed seams and straps

Bauer Reactor 9000 Goalie Chest & Arms Protector

The Bauer Reactor 9000 Goalie Chest protector is designed especially for the more athletic goalie that wants the maximum protection while still being able to use their athletic ability to cover the most of the goal as possible. Bauer pays close attention to all the critical areas and covers them with large blocks of High-Density Foam.

The sternum and shoulder areas are covered in large foam plates so there is no possible harm from pucks flying in toward the net. The elbow caps also feature High-Density foam blocks and all of the seams are heavy duty sewn. The back harness features an elastic harness for ease of dressing and undressing.

Key Features

  • Large, HD Foam Block Protection
  • Lightweight, breathable Nylon Fabric
  • Unique Square Shoulder Design

Vaughn Velocity V7 XF 

The Velocity V7 XF Pro Chest Protectors provide the goalie with maximum protection while still allowing for a good amount of mobility. All of the critical areas of the upper body are heavily protected with large blocks of high-density foam. The breastplate, shoulders, kidney, and elbows are all given extra attention with very large foam blocks.

The Velocity V7 XF is one of the lightest goalie chest protector thanks to its exclusive foam over carbon fiber plates design which provides maximum protection and still allows for maximum mobility. Along with the carbon fiber plates inside there is also a layer of Kevlar ballistic weave fabric to prevent accidental puck penetration.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Carbon Fiber and Kevlar technologies
  • Ultra High-Density Foam
  • Has both elbow and forearm foam caps for extra protection

Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro

The Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Hockey Goalie Chest Protector is one of the best chest protectors on the market. It is an updated design to a previous model with the addition of carbon fiber backing of the breastplate and high and low-density foam padding. The chest protection wraps further around the side to cover more of the rib cage area.

Key Features

  • Triple-layer foam protection
  • Ultra lightweight carbon fiber material
  • Strategically placed floater pads for protection

Best Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

All of these hockey goalie chest protectors will ensure that you’re safe and confident while you’re playing goalie. No matter how hard the shot is or how quick the player releases it, you know that you have the ability to stop the puck without there being any problems.

Goalie Monkey has a wide array of goalie chest protectors outsides of the 5 mentioned here today – they have the largest supply on the internet. There are other brands and styles you can check out and see if those fit your needs. As long as it protectors your heart, lungs and ribs, that’s what matters.