The Best Hockey Sticks

Everyone needs to take their best tools into battle. A runner needs the best shoes, a doctor needs the best stethoscope and a hockey player needs the best hockey sticks.

Your hockey stick is integral to your success. Whether you’re stick handling, passing, shooting and poke checking, you need to feel comfortable. There are so many different sticks on the market, it might be hard to find the right one for you.

We’ll provide you with our list of the best 4 sticks available now. You’ll be dangling benders and sniping tenders in no time.

best hockey sticks

1. Bauer Vapor 1X Griptax Stick

You can’t talk about the best hockey sticks without talking about Bauer. Their new stick, the Vapor 1X Griptax, is a thing of beauty. Bauer hits another home run with this one.

The Vapor 1X still has all of the same features as their previous model. One such feature is that it’s made from TeXtreme carbon fiber which is 20% light than normal carbon.  Like having lighter hockey skates, having a lighter stick allows you to move quicker. You’ll also have a quicker release on your shot.

That’s not all.

The eLASTech resin system of the Vapor 1X makes the stick much more durable. The worst feeling on Earth is breaking an expensive stick during the game. Not only do you know you’ll have to spend the money on another one, you’ll have to readjust to a new stick. With the eLASTech, your Vapor 1X will last much longer than other sticks.

Bauer is known for having great sticks so it’s no surprise that the Vapor 1X tops our list.

2. True Xcore 9 Hockey Stick

Everyone has heard of Bauer but one company many players don’t talk about is True. They’re not new to the hockey stick market – they’ve been manufacturing sticks for 14 years.

And now they have made one of their best hockey sticks:

The True Xcore 9. It markets itself as a true (no pun intended) one-piece stick thanks to its Axenic Technology. The molding between the shaft and the blade is seamless meaning you’ll be able to feel the puck better. That means more control with your stick handling.

Something really neat about the Xcore 9 is that the top of the shaft is soft. Why you ask? Because this helps give you more lift on your wrist shot. Plus, you’ll be able to feel the puck better as you’re stick handling.

Worried about your shot accuracy?

The TRUE Xcore 9 has you covered. It has two full length ribs that join the front and rear faces of the blade. This prevents the foam core from losing it’s stiffness. This gives you better control over your shots and passes.

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, the TRUE Xcore 9 is one of the best hockey sticks on the market.

3. CCM RBZ Revolution Stick

Much like Bauer, CCM has been making great sticks from years. Even back in the mid-00s, the Vector V-120 was one of the best sticks. Nearly 10 years later and CCM is still killing it with the RBZ Revolution.

So what makes this CCM stick so great?

Your release with the RBZ Revolution will be unmatched thanks to its FacePlate Technology. This means that it’s the only one piece stick on the market that doesn’t use a foam core. Instead their Power Ally gives you a much quicker release on your shot. You’ll be sniping top corner all day with the RBZ Revolution.

Another awesome feature of the the CCM RBZ Revolution is its constant flex profile. It gives you a custom kick point depending on where you hold your bottom hand on the shaft. The stick adapts to your playing style. Let’s see any other stick do that!

CCM also offers a model of the Revolution with grip. What grip does is give you a firmer grasp of your stick. In turn, it may be more difficult for you to move your hands up and down the shaft.

4. Warrior Covert Hockey Stick

Warrior has come up with some really interesting stick names but really great products. While the Warrior Covert isn’t as crazy as some of their other names, it’s still one of the best hockey sticks right now.

The Covert is a seamless one-piece hockey stick thanks to its True 1 construction. Much like the TRUE Xcore 9, you’ll be able to feel the puck better on your stick. Better control of your shot, passes and stick handling.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and durable stick, the Covert is the one for you. It uses Minumus 1000 carbon fiber which has a weave design that makes the stick stronger but lighter than its counterparts.

Warrior has taken its Dagger Taper to the next level. Now sporting Dagger Taper III, the top portion of the Covert has more flex while the bottom portion is a little wider to prevent any torque on the blade. This gives your stick a lower kick point for quicker release on your shots.

There is also a grip version of the Warrior Covert. As previously mentioned, grip helps give you a firm hold of your stick but some players don’t like that it’s more difficult to slide your hand up and down the shaft. It’s completely up to you if you want to go with the grip model.

Which of the Best Hockey Sticks Do You Like?

If you’re looking for one of the best hockey sticks, you can’t go wrong with any of these:

So don’t wait for your competition to pass you up. Get one of these hockey sticks so you’ll be able to dangle benders, snipe tenders and take your get to the next level.