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In hockey, every second counts. It can be the difference between you making a beautiful play or getting plastered against the glass. That's where Dangle and Snipe Hockey comes into play. We're here to help you get the best hockey equipment.

Whether you know it or not, your hockey equipment can help transform you from a bender to an all star. Lighter skates will help you move quickly and different kick-points on your stick will change the strength and accuracy of your shot.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our blog and get the best hockey equipment! You'll make every goalie look like a sieve before you know it.

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The Best Skate Guards

It’s important to get the best skate guards. They protect your skate blades and allow you to walk on cement without your skates getting dull. While it may seem trivial, you’ll see that your skate blades will last longer than ever before.

best skate guards

So how do you find the best skate covers? It’s usually just a piece of cloth or plastic, how different can they really be? You’re about to learn!

We’ve come up with our list of the best skate guards on the market. Get ready to go where no hockey skate has gone before! Let’s get started!

1. CCM Plastic Skate Guards

When you aren’t dangling fools on the ice, you want the blades of your skates to be well taken care of. Enter the CCM plastic skate guards. These guards are made from a quality soft PE material to give them long-term durability.

ou won’t have to worry about compatibility because these marvels are made to fit all types of skate blades and holders due to their quick change length system for a customized fit. These puppies are available in both white and black.

2. Elite Pro Skate Guards

If you are looking for elite quality then look no further. The Elite Pro skate guards are made from a water resistant polyester material to keep water off the inner liner and as an added bonus this helps protect the other equipment you have in your bag.

The soft, yet durable, inner webbing is impregnated with VCI to protect your blades and edges for the daily wear and tear that comes from being a serious hockey player. The inner molded foam secures the blade in place and has a rubber strip to give you traction while you are walking.

The Elite Pro skate guards are vailable in black, blue, red, silver, and yellow so you can rock your jersey colors and show pride in your team. If you are ready to be elite then these are the skate guards you need in your arsenal.

3. SuperGard Skate Guards

If you agree with the maxim “a penny saved is a penny earned” then you need to hear about the SuperGard skate guards. Since your blade will never touch the bottom of the guard you can protect your edge. Less sharpening means more money that stays in your pocket.

With side drainage holes and a non-slip strap this amounts to the ultimate skate guard money can buy. The bottom is lined with a sleek serrated bottom to give you a better grip when you are walking off into the sunset after a win.

The SuperGard skate guards are available in: black, blue, and red.

4. Tuffterry’s Blade Covers

Made out of top quality American terry cloth so you know you have quality on your side. The Tuffterrys blade covers are reinforced on the bottom, both inside and outside, with durable polypropylene and the specially enhanced liner wicks away and absorbs moisture to protect your blades and equipment.

Available in a variety of styles and colors such as, black, camo, Canada, emoji, fire, gumdrop, red, red bandana, tie dye, USA, and of course, skulls. With any of these styles, plus many more available options, you are sure to make a unique statement on the ice.

5. Reebok Reinforced Blade Covers

The Reebok reinforced blade covers have a lot going for them; cotton terry cloth material that absorbs water away from the blade helping to prevent damage and rust build up, a durable elastic band that conforms to all skate blades so you don’t have to worry about picking up the wrong size (This is also great for the kids, so when they grow out of their skates in a month the blade covers grow right along with them.) and to top it off they sport a reinforced cut resistant bottom that wicks moisture away. Available in black, navy, and red.

6. Ultra Skate Guard

The Ultra skate guards have a great selection of quality features you would expect to find in a skate guard. Features like VCI impregnation, a water resistant polyester material, durable and soft protective webbing, and an inner molded foam to secure the blades in place. All great features that will give you peace of mind knowing your blade edges are protected.

However, there’s something you might not have expected, the Ultra skate guards come with a free vapor corrosion inhibitor spray bottle. This 2oz. bottle is an inhibitor V.C.I. blend, which is a scientifically advanced formula designed to penetrate the smallest cracks and crevices, protecting all metal surfaces from rust and corrosion.

Perfect for runners, boots bolts, and eyelets. The Ultra Skate Guards are available in blue or pink.

Get the Best Skate Guards Now

These are our picks for the 6 best skate guards on the market:

While it may seem trivial to pick the best piece of plastic to wrap around your hockey skate blades, it’s not. If none of these peaked your interest, check out Hockey Monkey’s website. They have the largest selection of skate guard and hockey equipment in general.