The Best Youth Shoulder Pads

Playing well is important, but we know what you want most – for you kid to be safe. You can’t do that without getting the best youth shoulder pads.

It can be very tricky to find the perfect pair for your kid. You want their chest, collar bone and shoulders to be covered well but you don’t want to restrict their movement. If you do, they can get blind sided by a brutal hit.

Don’t worry, we’re here for you. We’ll show you our list of the best youth shoulder pads on Hockey Monkey right now.

best youth shoulder pads

1. CCM QuickLite LE Shoulder Pads

CCM is one of the longest lasting hockey brands out there. You can trust you child’s safety with them. You can’t go wrong with their newest youth shoulder pad, the CCM QuickLite LE.

They’re made from lightweight plastic and foam so your kid will be able to move freely and have no restrictions in their neck, waist and arms. Not only are they safer, but they’ll allow domination on the ice as well.

But that’s not why you’re here, it’s all about safety. The CCM QuickLite LE have you covered – literally.

The shoulder caps have molded PE caps. These caps flap over the shoulders without restricting arm movement. They’re made from a much harder plastic, perfect for protecting your kid from high sticks and nasty spills.

There’s also a harder piece of plastic in the sternum. It’s small enough where it won’t prevent ease of movement and your chest is much more protected.

2. Easton Synergy HSX Youth Shoulder Pads

Much like CCM, Easton has been in the hockey market for quite some time. They’re really big in many other sports as well. One thing that’s important to Easton is your child’s protection.

That’s where the Easton Synergy HSX comes in. It’s the perfect pair of shoulder pads for your little hockey star.

The neck opens and retracts to fit the any size player. This is perfect because you want the shoulder pads to fit nicely around the neck so it protects their collar bone. Plus they’ll be extremely comfortable while your kid’s skating up and down the ice.

Rather than going with a hard piece of plastic to protect their sternum, the Easton Synergy HSX has a thick foam pad. This makes the pads feel less stiff while still protecting your kids’s ribs and heart.

3. Reebok 10K Shoulder Pads

Reebok is a relatively new player to the hockey game and is now part of CCM. That doesn’t mean they don’t have one of the best youth shoulder pads on the market. Those pads are the Reebok 10K.

They are the perfect first pair of shoulder pads. They’re multi-layered which adds more layers of protection for high shots and cross checks. It also makes them extremely comfortable and won’t restrict movement.

The Reebok 10K also have molded bicep caps. This gives added protection to a your kid’s biceps just in case there’s a high sick or slash. It won’t prevent them from making that beautiful pass or blowing a hard shot past a goalie.

4. Bauer Supreme Totalone MX3 Shoulder Pads

There are so many pro players who trust Bauer for their protection:

  • Patrick Kane
  • Jonathan Toews
  • Alexander Ovechkin
  • Auston Matthews

And that’s just to name a few.

That means you can trust Bauer with your kids protection. The Supreme Totalone MX3 youth shoulder pads are a great option.

They have molded foam in the sides, sternum and spine. It’s also vented – or has holes – so they bend and move easily.

Don’t worry:

Just because they bend doesn’t mean your kid’s spine or chest will ever be exposed.

There are also kidney panels that help protect the lower back. If your kid gets hit in their back with a stick or puck,  you know they’re well covered.

While many people think the shoulder pads should protect the chest and shoulders, they forget about the back. You want to make sure your kids spine and kidneys are well covered. The Bauer Supreme Totalone MX3 does that.

Your Kid Can Play with Confidence with the Best Youth Shoulder Pads

It’s important your kid has one of the best youth shoulder pads in the market. Our list of four shoulder pads should help you get started.

Never go cheap on your child’s protection. Make sure you get a pair pads that will cover up their neck, chest, spine and lower back. Leaving something exposed or under protected is gambling with injuries. Also, they shouldn’t restrict movement.

Don’t make any mistakes. Be sure you kid has one of the best pairs of shoulder pads in the market.