The Best Youth Hockey Stick

One of the most exciting things about playing hockey for a young child are the hockey sticks – they won’t grow out of it either. It’s their main tool for doing anything: scoring goals, making great passes and causing turnovers. That’s why it’s important to start them out right with the best youth hockey stick.

best youth hockey stick

We’ve come up with our list of four youth ice hockey sticks that are perfect for any young beginners. Let’s get started!

1. Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 Hockey Stick

Sher-Wood is known for their great wood hockey sticks. While wood isn’t as popular as it was in the late 80s/early 90s, Sher-wood has been able to stick around (no pun intended). They’ve even started making some fiberglass and graphite sticks including the Sher-Wood Rekker EK60. This is a perfect stick to start out with for your youngster.

For starters, it’s at a great price point. Ice hockey sticks cost an average of $250 which might be a little steep for a kid just starting out. The Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 is priced at a very moderate $100. You won’t break the bank getting your child started playing hockey.

Not only is the Sher-Wood Rekker Ek60 less expensive, but it’s built to last. The blade, which is often chipped and broken digging for pucks in the corner, is made from a vibration reduction foam. This makes it more durable and won’t break quickly. Plus, it helps with feeling to puck while your child is learning to stick-handle. This will help them keep their head up at a very young age.

The Sher-Wood Rekker EK 60 boasts being one of the lightest youth hockey sticks on the market. Not only will it be easier for them to stick-handle, pass and shoot, but they’ll do it much quicker than their peers. They’ll love that they’re able to fool goalies and beat their friends. It’s a great way to encourage them to keep playing.

2. Bauer Supreme 1S Youth Stick

Most of our hockey stick articles mention a Bauer stick. They’re one of the best hockey equipment companies. It makes sense to get your child started playing hockey with a Bauer hockey stick. The Bauer Supreme 1S is their best youth hockey stick on the market.

Your kid will have the best shot on the team thanks to the Bauer Supreme 1S. With a lower kick point, the stick stores more energy and uses it more efficiently. Their shot will catapult off their blade like never before. Goalies beware because your kid is going to be scoring a lot of goals!

The Bauer Supreme 1S youth hockey stick also has TeXtreme technology and ultra-lightweight carbon for their shaft. It’ll be easier for your kid to take hard shots and make crisp passes. Plus, they’ll be able to move quicker with the puck without their stick weighing them down. Playing with the puck will become second nature for them at a young age.

3. CCM Tacks Grip Youth Hockey Stick

The CCM Tacks Grip doesn’t go around talking about lower kick points and light hockey sticks. It knows that these young kids are still learning the game and focuses on their needs. It’s a great option for kids just starting out.

One thing the CCM Tacks Grip has that other youth hockey sticks don’t is the grip. This will help keep the stick in their hands at all times and gives them a comfortable grip. The grip doesn’t prevent them from sliding their hands up and down the shaft when they’re taking shots.

The blade of the CCM Tacks Grip is also built with the child’s best interest in mind. It’s very stiff which helps young players lift the puck. Lifting the puck is always a difficult task for young player to learn. So with the CCM blade helping them out, they should be able to master this skill early on. Plus, they’ll pot more goals being able to lift the puck over the goalie’s shoulder.

4. Warrior Dynasty HD1 Youth Stick

In our best hockey sticks article, we mentioned the Warrior Covert hockey stick.  Warrior is back – the Warrior Dynasty HD1 youth hockey stick is a great option for young hockey players and a fantastic price. At $69.99, you can’t beat it!

The shaft of the Warrior Dynasty HD1 is built to stand the test of time. It’s made from a blend of carbon fibers and toughened epoxy. This makes the shaft stronger so that it can take a beating. Also, it helps improve your kid’s response time and their feel for the puck while they’re stick-handling.

The Warrior Dynasty HD1 also boasts a strong arm taper and wide torque. What does this all mean? It means your kid will be able to fire stronger, more accurate shots at a younger age. They’ll be sniping goals like a pro!

Also, the Dynasty HD1 has a grip around the shaft which helps them keep the stick in their hands. It also improves their feel for the puck so they learn to keep their head up while they’re stick-handling.

Get the Best Youth Hockey Stick For Your Child

Are you looking to get your kid started playing hockey? You’ll need to get them a youth hockey stick. Here’s our 4 favorite sticks on the market:

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