Best Youth Hockey Skates: Our 4 Suggestions For Kids

Is your kid starting hockey? Well one of the first things you need to look into are hockey skates. You’ll want a pair that are protective so their feet don’t hurt and you also want them to be comfortable so they can have a good time. It’s difficult finding the best youth hockey skates.

youth hockey skates

While it might be difficult, we can help. We’ve come up with 4 youth hockey skates that would be great for any kid starting out. Check them out to determine which would be good for your child.

1. Bauer Vapor x900

Like the best senior hockey skates, Bauer takes our top spot for the best youth hockey skates. It’s no surprise as Bauer is one of the best hockey equipment companies and nothing makes that more clear than the Bauer Vapor x900 youth skates. They’re the perfect combination of protection and comfort. You kid will be excited to wait to lace them up.

The Vapor x900 has Anaform ankle padding that shapes to their ankle and heel. Not only will they be more protected but they’ll be able to move their feet easier and learn the proper way to skate quickly. Combine that with their heatmolding properties and you have the perfect fit no matter the shape of your child’s feet.

At a young age, your kid is going to be learn a lot about the game of hockey. You’re going to want his equipment to make learning easier. Bauer Vapor x900’s Od1n concept skate helps you child cross over quicker and make tighter turns. They’ll get the hang of skating in no time and they’ll love it!

2. CCM Ultra Tacks

CCM has been making fantastic youth and senior hockey skates for decades. Some of your kid’s favorite NHL players’ first hockey skates most likely wear a pair of CCM skates. Why not continue the tradition by getting your kid the CCM Ultra Tacks? He could be next NHL superstar after all.

So why has CCM been the industry standard for hockey skates for such a long time? They know what players and parents look for when they’re deciding which hockey skates are right for them. The CCM Ultra Tacks youth hockey skates have a stiff carbon composite construction which makes sure their feet are completely protected from pucks, sticks and other skates.

The carbon construction of the Ultra Tacks is also moldable to your kid’s feet. No matter the size and shape of their feet, they’ll fit perfectly on your child. It’s almost like they’re wearing no skates at all – the skates are extension of their own body.

The stiff boot of the Tacks maximizes the energy output of your child’s stride. While they won’t be competitive from the beginning, this will give them a leg up in learning the sport. Plus it’ll encourage them to keep pushing to get to the next level. As we said already, their hockey skates should help them in the learning process.

3. Easton Mako II

The Easton Mako II kid’s hockey skate is specifically made for youth hockey players. It focuses on range of motion and fit because it’ll help prevent them from getting hurt. As they’re learning how to play, they’re going to fall quite a few times. You want their ankles to have a full range of motion so they don’t get caught or bend awkwardly.

The tongue of the Easton Mako II is also lightweight and fits over you kids foot, ankle and lower leg. This gives them extra protection in a sensitive part of their foot with small bones. Since it’s lightweight, the tongue won’t restrict their range of motion.

While the other skates on this list are great, the Easton Mako II is made specifically with your kid’s best interest in mind. They’re the perfect pair of youth hockey skates.

4. Graf Peakspeed PK7700

Graf is known for making a fantastic hockey skate. The Graf Peakspeed PK7700 youth hockey skates are no different. They’re a great way to introduce your kids to the game of hockey.

If you’re looking for a light pair of skates, the Graf Peakspeed PK7700 are your best option. They’re a 2-piece lightweight composite that’s also heat moldable which means the skate can be molded to the shape and size of your kid’s foot. Being lightweight and heat molded means your kid will experience better acceleration and a more comfortable fit.

The collar of the skate also has FlexFit technology. Not only will your child be able to take tighter turns, but it’s another layer of protection around their ankle.

Speaking of protection, the Graf Peakspeed PK7700 casing of the skate is made of a hard, lightweight plastic that’s durable enough to handle shots and slashes. While young kids won’t be blasting slap shots from the point, it’s good to make sure their feet are well protected. The toe cap also provides enhanced protection from impact.

Get the Best Youth Hockey Skates on the Market

We believe these are the best youth hockey skates you can get right now:

Getting the right pair of skates can be the difference between your kid loving hockey and wanting to quit. If you’re looking for a pair of skates for your child, this is a good place to start. If you’d like to see other options, Hockey Monkey has the largest selection of kids ice hockey skates on the internet.