Best Youth Hockey Gloves

When starting your little guy or gal playing hockey, you’ll need to get them the right protection. One of the most important pieces of equipment are their gloves. Finding the best youth hockey gloves is essential!

When they’re young, performance is important, but it takes a back seat to protection. Since they’ll be falling down a lot learning to skate, you don’t want their hands to be vulnerable. Even at a young age, their skates are very sharp.

best youth hockey gloves

Here are our top 4 picks for the best youth hockey gloves:

We’ll go over each of these gloves in great detail below so you can find the best hockey gloves for your little guy or gal.

1. Bauer Supreme 1S Youth Gloves

The Bauer Supreme gloves are made by using state of the art innovation and technology. They have a unique design and style that separates them from other youth hockey gloves.

Also, the gloves offer segmented finger areas, enabling a better grip during the game. They provide maximum comfort and allow maximum mobility. It’ll help them learn how to control the puck easier at a young age.

Bauer has designed the Supreme 1S gloves using different hydrophobic mesh and double layers of foam to provide comfort while wearing. The gloves also come with a feature known as ergo thumb to ensure the protection of the thumb.

Not only is this very comfortable but it keeps their hands well protected. The mesh is thick and will prevent their hands from being cut by skates. There’s also a wrist guard so you don’t have to worry about them getting hit in the wrist by a stick.  You can rest easily knowing you child is safe while learning how to play hockey.

2. CCM Super Tacks

CCM is one of the most trusted hockey companies. They have been around for decades and are known for making high quality, durable equipment. Their youth hockey gloves will keep your kids safe while they’re playing hockey.

The CCM Super Tacks are their best line. They’re designed with polyester materials in order to provide the users with better grip. It ensure that your kid is comfortable using their stick and feeling the puck. It’ll be easier for them to pick up the game quickly.

As we mentioned before, safety takes a front seat when buying youth hockey gloves and CCM knows that. The top of the hand is protected by a thick foam while the palm is lined with the polyester material which is very thick. Their hands are safe with CCM.

The Super Tacks also sport a tapered fit and cuff protection. The cuff completely covers the wrist while still allowing 360° movement. The tapered fit protects each individual finger while still allowing them to move and bend their fingers freely. It’s the perfect combination of protection and movement.

3. CCM 4-Roll Youth Gloves

It’s no suprise that CCM has two sets of gloves on our list. Like we said with the Super Tacks, CCM has been in the game for a long time and knows exactly what players and parents are looking for in equipment.

Their second line we’re going to talk about is the 4-Roll Youth Gloves. They’re the more affordable line CCM offer. While it doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles you’ll get with the Super Tacks, it’s a great, protective option for first time players.

The polyester body and design allows your kid to have maximum comfort and protection. The top of the hand is protected by a single foam layer to protect from slashes and pucks.

The mesh of the 4-Roll glove’s palm is very soft and, more importantly, durable. They won’t rip and tear so you won’t have to have them repalmed. Since it’s softer, they’ll be able to feel the puck easily which will allow them to keep their head up.

4. Mission Inhaler Youth Gloves

While Mission is primarily known as a roller hockey brand, they still make great ice hockey equipment. So much so that we proudly recommend their Mission Inhaler youth gloves.

The Inhalers spot a tapered fit which his great for comfort and protection. That means the gloves fit tighter around the fingers and get larger around the cuff. In other words, your child’s fingers fit snugly and are very protected while their wrist has 360° motion and they don’t have to worry about jamming their wrist.

Also, the Inhalers have a lightweight, flexible single layer of foam on the top of the glove to protect their palm. There’s also a lock thumb which prevents your kid from hyper extending his/her thumb while playing.

Get the Best Youth Hockey Gloves for Your Kids

Here are our picks for the best youth hockey gloves available:

All of these gloves offer many perks that will help your kid pick up hockey quicker. In turn, they may enjoy it more and choose to pursue it further

More importantly, they’re all very protective and ensure the safety of your child’s hands. You won’t have to worry about pucks or sticks, jamming their wrist or getting cut by a skate when they fall.

If none of these gloves meet your expectations, don’t worry. There are many other options on Hockey Monkey’s website. They’re the leading provider of ice and roller hockey equipment online. You’re sure to find the perfect youth hockey gloves for your child.