The Best Roller Hockey Wheels

Having great roller hockey wheels can make a huge difference in your performance on the floor. They make it easier to stop, allow you to have better control over your speed and make the game easier to play.

Did you know that there are major differences from wheel to wheel? There are even indoor and outdoor wheels that effect how well you’re able to move.

roller hockey wheels

Don’t worry, our experts have come up with an article that should make choosing roller hockey wheels much easier. We’ll go over everything you need to know from wheel arrangement to wheel softness.

We’ll provide you with our favorite wheels on the market currently. Are you in a rush and just want to know our favorites? Here’s a list below:

Without further ado, let’s get started with everything you need to know about hockey wheels.

Each Skate Has It’s Own Wheel Arrangement

Before you can pick out wheels, you need to determine the size of current wheels on your skates. If you look at the wheel holder, it should have small numbers above the wheels. That’s the wheel diameter.

Every skate has a different wheel arrangement and it’s based on the shape of the boot, holder shape and skate size. If you go willy-nilly and put any size wheel in the holder, you’re going to have a hard time skating.  Some skates require all the same size wheels and others have multiple sizes per skate. There’s no way of telling without looking at the skates.

All wheels are measured in millimeters. There are 47, 59, 64, 68, 72, 76 and 80 millimeter wheels. The larger the skate, the more likely you’ll need larger wheels. That being said, don’t buy wheels without knowing the sizes you need.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Wheels

You should be using different wheels for inside and outside skates. Wheels have a hardness that determines whether they should be used in the street or on an inline hockey rink.

The softer your wheel is, the better it is for inline hockey usage. This is because they compress and make it easier to stop and change direction. They also stick better to the slippery rink floor. Harder wheels also have the potential to damage rink floors and are against the rules in some leagues.

There’s a hardness scale for wheels that might help. These measures are called the durometer rating and determine the softness of your wheels. Here are the different options available:

  • 72A-XX-Soft
  • 74A -X-Soft
  • 76A Soft
  • 78A Multi Surface Wheels
  • 80A Multi Surface Wheels
  • 82A Outdoor
  • 84A Outdoor

The larger the number, the harder the wheel. Certain wheels, like the 78A and 80A, can be used both indoor and outdoor. We recommend these are used by heavier (we’ll explain more about that below).

Inline Wheels Based on Weight

Your weight can determine whether certain wheels will be suitable for you or not. The heavier you are, the heavier your wheels need to be. This is because soft wheels will wear down and crack faster based on weight.

So what roller hockey wheels are best for your weight?

If you’re under 130 pounds, 72A is your best option. Players between 130-190 pounds should look for the 74A wheels. Any players under 210 pounds can use 76A wheels. Now we’re getting in the multi-surface wheels. 78A roller hockey wheels are best used by players under 250lbs. Finally 80A multi-surface wheels are made for players under 300lbs but aren’t recommended for inline used because of the slippery floors.

There’s also a level of comfort to choosing roller hockey wheels. If you’re 110 pounds but like a harder wheel, don’t feel like you can’t choose them. It’s a little different for heavier players. If you’re 200 pounds and get 72A wheels, they will crack quickly. However, if you don’t mind buying wheels more frequently and are comfortable, you can use that size.

1. Labeda Addiction Inline Wheels

Finally we can start discussing our favorite roller hockey wheels. You’re going to notice that Labeda wheels take up the first two slots on our list. We can’t help that they make great wheels.

Let’s start off with the Labeda Addiction Inline wheels. These wheels come in all diameters and come in 72A, 74A, 76A and 78A durometers. You also have your option of many different colors, including these cool neon yellow wheels.

What separates the Labeda Addiction wheels from other inline hockey wheels is its center. It’s made of a urethane so the wheel can flex more and adapt to the individuals skating style. This also limits the amount of wear and tear the wheel faces.

You can get a four pack of a certain diameter or, if you skate requires multi sizes, you can buy them individually.

2. Labeda Dynasty III Wheels

The second Labeda wheel on our list is the Dynasty III. They’re a little less expensive than the addiction inline wheels but are still high quality and perfect for roller hockey players of all ages.

In fact, they have many of the same features as the Addiction line. They come in the same diameters, have many color options (including neon yellow) and can be purchased in a four pack or individually.

What makes a Dynasty III different?

For starters, they only come in three layers of hardness, 74A, 76A and 78A. The good news is that encompasses most player weights. It also has a urethane core like the Addiction wheels, but it doesn’t flex as much. However, one benefit it does have is it allows for tighter turning and more explosive skating thanks to it working like a spring.

In the end, whether you use the Addiction wheels or the Dynasty III wheels, you can’t go wrong when you choose Labeda.

3. Rink Rat Identity Conflict Inline Wheels

We finally come to a different brand of roller hockey wheels: Rink Rat. Their line of Identity Conflict inline wheels are a perfect choice for competitive roller hockey players.

Identity Conflict wheels come in two durometer sizes: green wheels are 76a and blue wheels are 78a. Each color also has its own diameters sizes as well: green is 80/76/72/68/59 millimeters while blue are 80/76/72 millimeters. The larger wheels means they’re built with older players in mind.

One of the great benefits about these roller hockey wheels is their combination of polymer and Mtech technology. It provides better grip than most other wheels. This allows for easier stopping, tighter turning, quicker acceleration and faster top speed. It gives you the feel of skating on ice while playing on an inline floor.

4. Bauer XR3 Indoor Wheels

Between the four options on this list, the Bauer XR3 indoor wheels are the least expensive option. If you’re new to roller hockey or want to test out some softer wheels, this is a great place to start.

The Bauer XR3 indoor wheels only come in one durometer size: 76A. This is a good size though because it encompasses all players under 210lbs. It also comes in a slick deep red color that will go great with any inline hockey skate.

You can only buy Bauer XR3 wheels in a four pack, but at the price they’re selling for, it’s a steal! There are a couple of other XR3 options available. There’s the 84A wheels for outdoors if you want to practice outside or get in a pick up game with friends. Bauer also makes 78A wheels that can be used anywhere you want. Both of these come in black!

Get the Best Roller Hockey Wheels

If you’re looking for the best roller hockey wheels, you’ve come to the right place. These are our favorite wheels on the market right now:

You have many different options when it comes to roller hockey wheels so don’t feel you have to choose one of these four. In fact, Labeda makes a couple other lines of wheels right now that you can choose from.

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