Best Roller Hockey Gloves

Roller hockey is a game of speed and finesse. It doesn’t allow the bone crushing hits and physicality you see in its ice counter part. You need to be able to feel the puck better and dangle easier. making getting the right roller hockey gloves imperative.

What should you look for in a roller hockey glove?

They should be lightweight without sacrificing protection. Also, you want a glove that’s durable with palms that won’t wear down quickly and rip. Most importantly, you want gloves that allow you to feel the puck so you don’t have to be constantly looking down. This is both dangerous and will slow you down.

best roller hockey gloves

Are you in a hurry? We put our top 4 picks up front so you get an idea of some hockey gloves you should start looking into:

If you want more information on each of these gloves, we have you covered. Our experts go into greater detail on each glove and will help you decide which one is right for you.

1. Alkali RPD

What better place to start than a primarily roller hockey brand. Alkali makes skates, gloves and pants for roller hockey players. That’s why the Alkali RPD roller hockey gloves are where we start our list.

The Alkali RPD is made of a synthetic leather and platinum flex pro knit. This makes the gloves more durable and flexible. You’ll be able to move your hands and wrists naturally without fear of leaving any part exposed.

They also have a pro level dual density foam and 1 millimeter plastic insert around the entire glove. Your hand will be protected from any slashes and shots that come your way.

Don’t you hate it when your hands get sweaty and slimy  from playing hockey? The Alkali RPD has you covered. The finger, wrist and backhand have a moisture wicking liner. It’ll help your hands stay dry so you can focus on more important things – like dangling past the last defender for a breakaway.

The Alkali RPD are the least expensive option on our list. Don’t let the price fool you, your getting a hell of a glove at quite a deal.

2. Bauer Vapor 1X Pro

If you’ve read any of our other articles, you know that Bauer shows up quite often. Along with CCM and Easton, it’s one of the premier hockey brands. It’s no different with roller hockey gloves. Introducing the Bauer Vapor 1X Pro gloves.

When looking for top tier gloves, this should be the first one to come to mind. It offers top of the line protection for your hands and wrist. It has a double density foam and full insert similar to the Alkali RPD. A little slash won’t be able to stop you.

The backhand of the Vapor 1x Pro has CRD foam technology. Not only will this protect your hands even further, but it’s extremely comfortable. It isn’t like a thick, hard, immovable padding – you’ll still be able to comfortably move your hands.

Speaking of comfort, these gloves are comfy which makes it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. The thumb and index finger have a 3-piece flex lock. It allows your thumb to bend easily without exposing any areas. You’ll have a better grip on your stick and will feel the puck better.

The cuff is also very comfortable. The Vapor 1X Pros have a 1-piece which complete shields your entire wrist. It’ll give you full range of motion and won’t inhibit you as you’re trying to shoot, pass or dangle.

3. Eagle Talon 100 Pro

Eagle gloves have always had an old school look that oozes style. You won’t find gloves that look this cool! That’s why no list of the best roller hockey gloves would be complete without the Eagle Talon 100 Pro.

Style isn’t the only thing these gloves offer. They have a precision fit that feels comfortable in any hand. It gives you complete control and feel for the puck. That could be the difference between making a great play and putting your head down to check on the puck – missing the opportunity. Every second counts in hockey.

The Talon 100 Pro also have moulded integrated cuff rolls which you won’t find on any other glove. This gives you much more wrist protection which is often the least protected area (and often the most slashed area).

For better grip and flexibility, the Eagle Talon 100 Pro has a four piece side guard. You’ll be able to move you hands and wrist faster than you ever have before.

There are many different colors available as well. While this doesn’t seem important, it just adds more to the cool factor. You can match your teams colors or go rouge and create your own style. Choose from 8 different unique options.

4. Mission Inhaler DS:2

Much like Alkali, Mission in synonymous with roller hockey – maybe even more so. In fact, it broke into the inline hockey market and took control before venturing out into ice hockey equipment later on. We wouldn’t be doing you justice if we didn’t include the Mission Inhaler DS:2s on our list of the best roller hockey gloves.

This big claim to fame for the Mission Inhaler gloves is their palm – it has something called the Grip Reaper. It’s a super stretch palm which offers better feel for the puck, extreme comfort and long lasting durability. That’s exactly what you’re looking for in a pair of gloves.

The Inhalers are also made from perforated HD foam. They’re lightweight, ventilated without sacrificing protection. In other words, your hands are going to feel very comfortable and can move much faster with these gloves.

While they’re not as inexpensive as the Alkali RPD gloves, you’re still getting a great deal with the Mission Inhaler DS:2.

Get the Best Roller Hockey Gloves

Roller hockey gloves are an often overlooked piece of equipment but are very important in helping with your game. As a hockey player, you know 1 second can make a major difference in everything you do. So having a lightweight glove that allows you to feel the puck is important.

Protection is also something you need to keep in mind. Your hands are one of the most slashed parts of your body and it can really hurt. Making sure your wrist and hands are well protected will not only keep you from having serious injuries, but will give you more confidence knowing you won’t get hurt.

It wasn’t easy to narrow down our list to only 4 roller hockey gloves, but these we feel these are the best of the best:

If none of these gloves interest you, Hockey Monkey as many different options we didn’t cover in this article. Check out their site for the largest selection of hockey equipment and gear.