The Best Knee Hockey Sticks

Whether you’re a player at a hockey tournament with friends or a parent playing with your kids, everybody loves knee hockey. Also known as shinny hockey, it’s a game of hockey played on your knees with two mini nets and mini sticks. You can take your game to the next level with one of the best knee hockey sticks.

best knee hockey sticks

What makes a knee hockey stick different from the competition? Believe it or not, these composite sticks now have the complexity of their real hockey stick counterparts. We’ve come up with our list for the 5 best knee hockey sticks. Check them out!

1. CCM RBZ Revolution Composite Mini Stick

The CCM RBZ Revoliution composite mini stick is modeled after the RBZ Revolution and has a composite construction just like its big brother.

This mini stick version has the same graphics and feel as the larger version so you can look professional even when you are playing with friends or with the little ones. This stick is also the perfect canvas for your favorite NHL superstar autograph or dominating your friends in a game of knee hockey.

You can also show off your national pride with the CCM RBZ Revolution. They come in USA, Canada, Sweden, Russia and Finland designs.

2. Warrior Dynasty HD1 Mini Stick

Made to look like the real thing, the Warrior Dynasty HD1 mini stick sports the same graphics and designs as the regular sized version. When you want to dominate your friends in your knee hockey battles, you don’t have to look any further than this impressive mini stick.

Or if you don’t want to get it dirty you can use it for autographs or decoration in your hockey themed basement or bar. The possibilities are endless for this mini stick, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

3. CCM Extreme Flex II Knee Hockey Stick

Let’s change things up with a shinny hockey goalie stick. This mini goalie stick mimics the design of the Extreme Flex II Goal Stick by CCM and you will hardly believe it is any different when you feel it for yourself.

Designed to feel just like the real deal, this mini goal stick is perfect when you need to make to make a kick save in your knee ball game. The Mini Extreme Flex II is the perfect novelty item for when you have to get your favorite CCM NHL goalie autograph.

4. Bauer Vapor 1X XL Mini Stick

You will think you are on the ice when you drive one in the corner of the net with the Bauer Vapor 1X mini stick. Made with carbon-composite material that sport the same graphics as the larger version. It’s modeled after one of the best hockey sticks: the Bauer Vapor 1X.

This stick is also the perfect material for permanent marker so you can rest easy knowing the autograph you’ve been dying to get will show up clear as day.

5. Fan Fever Goal Light Knee Hockey Stick

Gooooooooaaaal!!!! Impress your friends by playing an authentic goal horn sound when you score on the floor with this mini stick.

You can reproduce the excitement of an NHL playoff game right in your basement with a goal light on the top of the Fan Ferver Goal Light knee hockey stick. it has real, flashing LED lights and authentic big horn blaring sound.

Perfect for the little ones in your life who love hockey and want to feel like an MVP every time they play with their friends and family. Also great for the fan who wants to join in the action when their team scores a goal on the big screen. The perfect novelty item to add flair to any hockey fan’s mini stick collection.

Get One of Best Knee Hockey Sticks

These are our favorite knee hockey sticks:

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