The Best Kevlar Hockey Socks

With the injury to Ottawa Senator’s defenseman Erik Karlsson a few years back, Kevlar hockey socks have been a hot topic in the NHL.

Kevlar socks are thicker and able to protect you from being cut by an opponents hockey skate. You might not know what features to look for in a pair of protective skate socks. Our experts are here to show you the four best Kevlar hockey socks. Let’s get started.

best kevlar hockey socks

1. Vital Performance Compression VT1211 Over the Cafe Socks

Vital Performance scores a hat trick with this impressive hockey sock. The Vital Performance Compression VT1211 over the calf compression socks impressive V-stack technology combines together cut-resistant Kevlar and lightweight impact-absorbing foam to produce a strong shield for your protection. The VT1211 reduces the risk of injury to athlete’s lower leg, calf muscle, and achilles tendon during gameplay.

This increase of safety does not sacrifice your ability to perform on the ice. The VT1211 is made with a high grade polyester fabric that makes it a lightweight, breathable hockey sock that will allow full range of motion in the game.

The Vital Performance VT1211 hockey sock has also been treated with an antimicrobial agent that resists fungal and bacterial growth. This minimizes the odors that come with playing hard. The VT1211 is machine washable and dryable, and comes in four sleek color options: black, white, red, and navy blue.

2. Reebok 20K Protective Kevlar Socks

The Reebok 20k Protective Skate Sock is a quality product for hockey protection. Made with Dyeenam, the world’s strongest fiber, which is low weight and abrasion resistant. So not only can you skate comfortably knowing you’re protected from skate cuts, but they won’t hold extra weight onto your feet.

The 20k protective socks are uncompromising when it comes to comfort while providing protection against cuts and scrapes during the game. The 25% polyester-copper blend staves off the effects of odor and gives the wearer skin wellness protection.

Our experts agree that this protective sock is the perfect fit for the player looking for comfort as well as safety, so when you put your pair of Reebok 20K’s on you don’t have to worry and can focus on scoring a hat trick.

3. Tuff-N-Lite Pro Sani Ultra Thin Cut-Resistant Skate Socks

These skate socks might have a mouthful of a product name, but the Tuff-N-Lite Pro Sani Ultra Thin Cut-Resistant Skate Socks pack a lot of cutting edge technology in a pair of socks that help prevent cuts.

The Tuff-N-Lite is made out of some of the strongest and lightest abrasive resistant material in the world. Hockey can get dangerous when you are out on the ice, so it is smart to arm yourself with a pair of socks that are designed to protect your legs and ankles from being slashed, torn, or cut at from blades or sticks.

The trademarked Micro-texpur is an Eco-green antimicrobial agent that will kill dangerous bugs such as MRSA, fungus, and odor causing bacteria.

And while it is protecting your legs the Tuff-N-Lite socks will also rapidly pull heat away from your body through thermal conductivity so you can cool down. They are lightweight and breathable so you won’t have to worry about being weighed down or overheating during a tie game in the third period.

4. Easton Protective Kevlar Socks

We’ve all seen nasty leg injuries occur on the ice, that is part of the game. It’s also important to protect yourself so you can stay in the game. The Easton Protective Skate Socks are your answer when it comes to safety in the rink. These socks provide maximum protection against cuts to your tendon area and is made from material that provides the definitive strength to weight defensive ratio.

The Easton Protective Skate Socks are made with trademarked Bio-dri technology to help move moisture outward from the foot to keep you dry in the game. We can’t overstate how comfortable you will feel, while being secure in knowing your legs are in good hands.

Don’t Get Cut with the Best Kevlar Hockey Socks

We’ve given you a few recommendations for what we think are the best Kevlar hockey socks:

You have many options when it comes to protective skate socks. You can see more options on Hockey Monkey’s website. They’re a one-stop website for all hockey equipment.