The Best Inline Hockey Pants

Inline hockey pants, also known as roller hockey pants, are nothing like ice hockey pants. They look like long wind breakers that slide over your shin guards. They need to be durable but also can’t restrict your movement. The last thing you want is to have your stride shortened by tight pants.

How do you know what to look for? Can’t you just get an old pair of wind breakers or sweatpants and call it a day? Not at all, there are specific hockey pants made for roller hockey.

inline hockey pants

Keep reading to learn which four inline hockey pants are our favorites. We picked pants based on their comfort, durability and air flow. Once you pick the right pants, you’ll be able to extend your stride 100% and easily burn by the competition.

1. Mission Inhaler DS: 1 Pants

Mission has a decent following in ice hockey, but they’re known for their superior inline hockey equipment. Whether it’s skates or pants, Mission is the top dog! Their new Mission Inhaler DS:1 pants are their newest model on the market.

The Inhalers feature Dual Tension tapered technology. All that means is that there are cinches around the ankle and shin that give your inline hockey pants a custom fit. It’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all (thankfully you are).

If you’re looking for comfort, the Inhalers are the inline pants for you. They have a Comfort Waist line design which makes the pants feel lighter and gives your legs and waist more airflow. This makes a huge difference when you’re chasing down a loose puck in the corner. Every ounce counts.

The Mission Inhaler DS:1 hockey pants are also extremely durable. With the flex rib knees they won’t rip and tear like other pants. Even if you take a nasty spill or slide on your knees, you Inhalers can take the abuse with ease.

2.  CCM RBZ Inline Pants

CCM has been in the hockey business for over a century. It goes without saying that they know what they’re doing when it comes to hockey equipment – that includes roller hockey. The CCM RBZ roller hockey pants are oneof the best in the market.

They’re made of lightweight, vented nylon. This enhances mobility and prevents sweat from absorbing into the pants, not weighing you down. You’ll also feel much more fresh with the air circulation flowing through your legs and hips.

Like the Mission Inhaler DS: 1 pants, the CCM RBZ’s knee pads are also extremely durable. They’ll fit comfortably over your shin guards without stretching or expanding. Also, they won’t rip and tear over time.

3. Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Hockey Pants

Much Like CCM, Bauer is a great ice hockey company but that doesn’t mean they’re not a force in the inline hockey market. The Bauer Vapor 1XR inline hockey pants are one of the most comfortable pants.

They use stretch to fit technology. That means they easily stretch over your body and shin guards without being tight. As you’re skating, the Bauer Vapor 1XR pants stretch and move along with your stride.

You’ll never have to worry about your pants falling down on you again. The nylon web rip-cord belt holds the pants snugly along your waist. It also stretches along with the pants so as your hips move, you won’t feel any tightness.

The Bauer Vapor 1XR pants also allow your legs and waist to breathe. The ventilation dynamic flex zones through the hip, front and rear panels allow air to flow through the pants so you’re not getting hot and sweaty. This also helps prevent sweat from absorbing into the pants and making them heavy.

4. Alkali RPD Team+ Hockey Pants

Unlike Mission, CCM and Bauer, Alkali isn’t one of the big dogs in the hockey industry. Their equipment is still high quality. The perfect example are the Alkali RPD Team+ roller hockey pants. They stand toe to toe with any other pair of pants on the market.

How could a relatively unknown brand compete with the big guns you ask? Quality! The RPD Team+ pants have ventilated pique stretch flex body fabric. Not just a patch, but the entire pants have fantastic air flow. You’ll be extremely comfortable as your skate up and down the floor.

These are the most stylized inline hockey pants on your list. They’re not just your typical black and gray. They come in many colors such as red, blue, orange, black, yellow and gray. You’re able to get the Alkali RPD Team+ pants to match your team’s colors.

The Best Inline Hockey Pants are a Click Away

Getting the best inline hockey pants is crucial for taking your game to the next level. With a less constricted stride, you’ll be able to extend your movement much more than you ever have before. That means you’ll skate faster and every player wants that.

Plus, with better air flow, you’ll feel more comfortable while improving the weight of your hockey pants. As air flows through your hockey pants, less sweat will absorb into them.

If you’re looking for new inline hockey pants, check out Hockey Monkey’s website. They have the best selection of hockey equipment on the internet.