Protect Your Face with One of the Best Hockey Visors

Whether you’re playing juniors or mens league, the last thing you want to deal with is a bird cage on your head. Visors allow you to see more as you play. There’s no excuse for missing the net when you have one of the best hockey visors.

What makes a visor one of the best?. You want something that will give you optimal vision while still protecting your beak.

best hockey visors

We have 4 hockey visors that would be perfect for any player. Whether you’re stud in major juniors or a scrum playing men’s league, any of these visors are perfect.

1. Oakley VR924 Pro Straight Hockey Visor

Oakley is undoubtedly one of the giants in hockey visors. Often on the forefront in field of vision technology that gives them a step up when it comes to eye protection in sports. The Oakley VR924 Pro Straight hockey visor is a combination of that ingenuity and dedication to the craft.

This high-impact polycarbonate visor is designed with additional vents at the top to help increase airflow across the lens. We think this is the perfect answer for the players who need more ventilation or might have issues with fogging when they are on the ice.

The VR924 visor provides distortion-free optics through your entire field of vision and is coated in AFR which is specially formulated to provide the anti-fog and anti-scratch features to the polycarbonate material.

Oakley certainly knows optics, and this visor is your ticket to seeing clearly.

2. Alkali Visium Visor

While Alkali might not hold the same name recognition as a Bauer or CCM,  butthey sure do make a mean visor. The Alkali Visium hockey visor is made from high impact polycarbonate perfect for protecting your face from deflected pucks and wild sticks (because we all know that men’s league can turn into a gong show).

The Visium visor also boasts anti-fog and anti scratch protection. You’ll never have to worry about anything impeding your vision while you’re coming in on a break-away. Goalies beware!

Look toward the goal, because this visor will help you get a clear shot.

3. Bauer Half Shield

It is hard to have a list of Hockey related products and not include Bauer. Their latest visor, the Bauer Half Shield, will allow you to see things clearly on the ice.

The Bauer Half Shield has all the quality features you have come to expect with improved anti-fog coating. It is made from a high-impact polycarbonate material so you can be sure you will be protected in the game. The increased facial coverage does not affect your field of sight, giving you enhanced peripheral vision so you can see the action all around you.

The Bauer Half Shield is CSA, HECC, and Ce certified so you know you are in good hands with this product.

This might be a half shield, but it isn’t half baked. This visor will be a part of your arsenal for years to come.

4. CCM Revision Straight Tooless Visor

It would be odd to create one of these lists and not include CCM. They’re one of the biggest names in the game. Their CCM Revision hockey visor is one of the best hockey visors on the market.

Much like the Visium visor, the Revision is anti-scratch and anti-fog which prevents anything from distracting you from your mission – to score a goal.

This Visor also has optical accuracy. That’s patented technology which maximizes your vision with minimal distortion. Basically, you’ll be able to see everything on the ice.

The CCM Revision Straight Tooless visor also has a fast-clip  It’s built to resist high impacts you’d get from a hockey puck or stick.

Protect Your Face with the Best Hockey Visor

These are our picks for the best hockey visors on the market:

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