The Best Hockey Stick Shafts

As mentioned in our best hockey stick blades article, there are two components needs for a two piece hockey stick. Now that you know about the blades, it’s time to learn about different hockey stick shafts.

hockey stick shafts

While many players use one piece composite hockey sticks, some prefer the feel of a two piece stick. You need to make sure both the blade and the shaft meet your needs. With so many options available, it might seem overwhelming.

We’ll show you our top 4 hockey stick shafts to help complete your two piece stick.

1. Bauer Vapor 1X Shaft

As you’ve learned in our best hockey sticks article, Bauer makes a great hockey stick. They make great hockey equipment in general, including their stick shafts. The Bauer Vapor 1X is their top-of-the-line shaft.

It’s extremely light weight thanks to its Silver TeXtreme® technology. This is extremely important because when you’re gluing two pieces together, your stick might end up heavier. Starting with a light base is a great way to guarantee you’ll have a lighter stick.

Bauer Vapor 1X hockey stick shafts share many similarities to their one piece counterpart. Along with being light, the Vapor 1X shaft has improved QRT Taper Technology. The narrow tapered geometry means you’ll have a quicker release faster energy transfer while shooting. You can learn more about the QRT technology from this video:

2. Warrior Dynasty HD1 Stick Shaft

Another fantastic stick company is Warrior, they really hit it out of the park with their newest hockey stick shafts: the Warrior Dynasty HD1!

One of the great features of the Dynasty HD1 is its low-kick point. This will give you a quick release perfect for sniping goalies. If you can disguise your shot and release it faster, the goalie won’t have time to react.

The Dynasty HD1 have a textured soft grip around the shaft. Not only does it make the shaft look awesome, but it locks your hands in place and gives you a better feel for the puck.

3. True A6.0 Shaft

True isn’t one of the most popular hockey equipment companies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a quality product. Quite the contrary – their hockey stick shafts are great. The True A6.0 is one of our favorites!

Why is the True A6.0 so great? Because its made with SmartFlex Technology. That means you’ll also exert more power into your shots with less effort. You’ll be blasting pucks past goalies in no time.

Like the Dynasty HD1 and Vapor 1X, the A6.0 also focuses on quick releases. Most of the time, goalies don’t get beat by overpowering shots, but tricky shots with quick releases. It’s all about deception.

The True A6.0 does deception well thanks to its all-around pro shaft. This gifts you an extremely quick release you can use to burn goalies.

4. Reebok 20K Sickick 4 Dual Grip Hockey Stick Shaft

Reebok is relatively new to the hockey game within this millennium as they bought out CCM in 2004. While CCM and Reebok are same company, they are different entities.

If that little history lesson taught you anything, it’s that Reebok learned how to make quality hockey equipment under the tutelage of one of hockey’s oldest companies. The Reebok 20K Sickick 4 Dual Grip stick shaft is a perfect example of how far Reebok has come in the hockey market.

The reason it’s called a dual grip is because the top and the sides of the shaft have a Dual Matrix IIT technology grip. That’s an extra sticky grip that allows you to feel the puck without having to look down. The bottom of the shaft has a matte finish.

The 20K Sickick also creates tension during loading. This creates a slingshot effect when you’re shooting for a quicker, harder to read release. Your shot will also be much faster.

Hockey Stick Shafts and Blades Don’t Need to Match

One thing you may not know is that the blade and the shaft of your two piece hockey stick don’t need to match. If you have a CCM blade and a Bauer shaft, the pieces will still fit together.

This allows you to pick a different shaft and blade that you may like and mix them together to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Check out our favorite stick blades article to give you some ideas on where to start.

Complete your 2 Piece Stick With One of the Best Hockey Stick Shafts

Hockey stick shafts and blades are the two major components to a two piece stick. Creating a two piece stick allows you to mix and match different shaft and blade styles to customize your perfect stick.

While more and more players are going with one piece composite sticks, a two piece stick is still a viable option. You can check out more stick blades on Hockey Monkey’s website.