The Best Hockey Stick Bag

Whether you want to protect your hockey sticks or need to take them on an airplane for a tournament, you’ll need a hockey stick bag. Stick bags can carry multiple hockey sticks at one time and protect them from chipping and cracking.

best hockey stick bag

You have many hockey stick bag options available. Our experts have come up with what we believe are the top 4 best hockey stick bags on the market.

1. Easton Player Stick Bag

The Easton Player Stick Bag is the ideal solution when it comes to carrying multiple sticks safely. This Stick Bag can carry an impressive four hockey sticks for when you need to bring everything to the table.

You also won’t have to worry about rain or snow since this bag is PVC coated 600D and HD weather proof and anti-scratch. So when you get this bag you’ll know it will always look as good as the day you bought it.

Easton’s player stick bag also boasts impressive ventilation features with dryflow grommets and a reliable zipper with a nylon puller. The handles are also an added bonus made with heavy duty dual layer PP webbing. This Stick Bag comes in at 71” long and 15” wide. The Easton Player Stick Bag is perfect for the player who needs to bring it all to the game.

2. CCM Stick Bag

This bag is ideal for traveling hockey players who need to protect their most precious cargo. The CCM Stick Bag holds two sticks within its heavy duty polyester fabric.

This durable bag is perfect for the daily wear and tear you all know that comes with travelling with the team and it has the perfect strap to make transport a breeze. It really is one less hassle you will have to deal with when traveling with your babies. This stylish bag comes in black and is 71” long. You will certainly see people’s heads turn when you arrive with this bag at your side.

3. Warrior Covert QR Hockey Stick Bag

Your hockey stick is your most important weapon, and a real warrior would protect that weapon in between battles. The Warrior Covert QR Stick Bag does exactly that for your hockey stick.

This durable bag is made with a mix of 600-denier and HEX1000 outer shell materials and it doesn’t sacrifice style at all. It comes in a slick black color with blue and orange accents to give it some added flair.

Combine that with its 600D shell and Padded blade and hosel area you have a smart bag that is both chic and ideal for travelling. So be sure to think of the Warrior Covert QR Stick Bag when you are going into combat on the ice.

4. Bauer S14 Stick Bag

Bauer really delivers with this sleek, comfortable stick bag. The Bauer S14 Stick Bag features a padded blade pocket so you can rest easy knowing your blades are protected on the inside when you are in the car or running through the parking lot.

This Stick bag can carry up to three hockey sticks so you can all of your sticks to the rink easily. It clocks in at 66” lengthwise and is 6” wide so you will have plenty of breathing room for your cargo.

We can’t think of a more professional bag for your hockey sticks to arrive in and when you show up to practice with this bag, everyone will know that you mean business. You can’t go wrong with the Bauer S14 Stick Bag!

Get the Best Hockey Stick Bag

Getting the best hockey stick bag isn’t difficult. We’ve come up with a list of our 4 favorites to get you started: has more options than those four. If you’re interested in a hockey stick bag or any other hockey equipment, check them out!