The Best Hockey Socks

A comfortable pair of socks can be the difference between being ultra focused on the game or having a nagging distraction. Every second counts in hockey and if your head isn’t in it, you can end up passing up great opportunities. That’s why it’s important to get the best hockey socks.

best hockey socks

How do you find the best hockey socks? It’s just a sock right, what can possibly be the difference? There are major differences from sock to sock and if you don’t know what they are, you could be buying the wrong socks.

That’s why we’re here. The experts at Dangle and Snipe Hockey are here to help you find the right pair of hockey socks for you. Let’s get started.

1. Bauer Core NG Performance Skate Socks

We believe that elite performance is achieved when your gear is both comfortable and effective. You can’t afford any distractions when the score is tied and your team needs a goal.

The Core NG Performance Skate Socks are designed thin and better fitting, and their unique Y-seam in the toe area helps eliminate bunching inside the toe box so you can focus on the game and not on your feet.

The THERMO MAX+ moisture management yarn technology inside these socks keeps your feet drier so you can play longer and in more comfort. Available in tall and low lengths, compression fit.

At a $12.99 price point, you can’t be these value for your money.

2. Bauer Premium NG Performance Skate Socks

The Premium NG Performance Skate Socks were designed with serious hockey players in mind. Created with strategic double wall construction in the ankle area to lessen the impact of skate and lace bite, as well as Bauer’s special Y-seam construction designed to maximize the fit and reduce bunching in the toe box.

These features show Bauer’s commitment in creating the ultimate blend of comfort to elevate your performance on the ice. The Premium NG also comes with knit in arch support and mesh ventilation zones for added alleviation of discomfort and breathability.

Built with innovative 37.5Ⓡ technology which maximizes evaporation of moisture for enhanced comfort and performance. This sock was made for athletes so they can take their game to the next level.

3. Easton Stealth Advanced Hockey Socks

We are always looking for whatever edge we can find so you can upgrade your abilities on the ice; and we found it with the Easton Stealth Advanced Skate Socks. These hockey socks feature hollow core fiber in the toes to hold heat inside helping keep your feet warm when skating on ice.

It’s like scientists from the future designed these socks. With focused compression in the arch of your foot and ankle it gives you the energy to keep fighting in overtime without worrying about damaging your most sensitive foot areas. The Stealth Advanced Skate Socks come complete with trademarked BIO-DRI technology that moves moisture away from your foot so you can stay dry late in the game.

When the game is on the line, you don’t want to worry about your feet, and these socks make sure you can focus on what’s important: winning.

4. Elite PRO-X700 “Ultra Bamboo” St. Knee-Length Hockey Socks

Who says Mother Nature has no place on the ice? The Elite PRO-X700 is made 76% bamboo rayon which harnesses the power of the plant to create a sock like no other. These socks have a bunch of great features to help take your game to the next level; anti-bunching ankle support, a snug fitting heel pocket, a unique “Y” heel stability fit, foot fatigue relief, antifriction toe seams, and advanced flex motion sides.

Who knew bamboo was capable of all that awesomeness and comfort? The ultra bamboo material also has extreme moisture wicking capability so you will stay dry even during a tied-up shoot out with the game on the line. Available in sleek options like black, white, and carbon so you will look good when you score the game winner.

Get the Best Hockey Socks

The best hockey socks for comfort while skating are a click away. These are out four favorite pairs:

If none of these piqued your interest, Hockey Monkey has a large selection of other hockey socks and equipment for you to choose from. Check out their site and find something you like today.