The Best Hockey Skates

Having the best hockey skates is a crucial part of being a hockey player. They can be the difference between being an all star and being a bench warmer. Every split second matters and being able to move quickly on your feet can make all the difference.

So how do you know what hockey skates are the best? There are many brands all with several different lines of skates. It can become overwhelming. We’re here to help you make this tough decision.

best hockey skates

We’ll show you our list of the 4 best hockey skates on the market today. Read below to see which one best fits your needs and get ready to burn the defense like you never have before.

1. CCM JetSpeeds Skates

CCM skates have been the best of the best for years now. They continue the tradition of great hockey skates with the new CCM JetSpeeds.

The first thing you’ll notice is their sleek design. They are beautiful hockey skates. They’re all black with accenting silver and red lines. Sometimes you have to look good to feel good. You’ll look pretty darn good in the CCM JetSpeed hockey skates.

They aren’t one of the best hockey skates just because they look good. The JetSpeeds are the perfect combination of protection and comfort. The tongue is a two-piece design with multiple layers. The two-piece tongue allows you to move your foot easier while the multiple layers add extra protection.

The frame of the skates is known the Rocketframe. It has heat molding properties which molds the skate to your foot. Combine that with its extremely light structure and you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The boot of the CCM JetSpeeds is made of a lightweight liner that is extremely comfortable. You’ll be blazing past benders with these beautiful hockey skates.

2. Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Skates

Much like CCM, Bauer seems to be on all of our ‘best of” lists. The Bauer Supreme 1S skates continues that trends.So what makes them some of the best hockey skates?

The Supreme 1S features a slightly wider forefoot. What this does is create zero negative space around your heel and ankle. The skates will perfectly fit a foot of any shape or size (granted you need to buy your actual foot size).

They also have an injected stability lacing system. This allows you to wrap around the top of your foot tighter. The last thing you want is to have a poorly tied hockey skate which could make you look like an absolutely bender. Even worse, you might roll your ankle and have to miss time with injury.

The Bauer Supreme 1S skates have upgraded their liner to 37.5 polyester. They’re more protective, lightweight, soft and comfortable and dry 5 times faster. The new liner upgrades the skate in every way – more protective, much lighter and extremely comfortable. Get ready to break some defenseman’s ankles and you blow by on a breakaway.

3. CCM Ribcor 50K Pump Skates

Way back when CCM was bought by Reebok, and they created a skate called the pump. CCM has its 2nd entry on our list with the newest model of the pump – the CCM Ribcor 50K Pump.

What does the pump do? The lining of the skate inflates with each pump of the button (hence the name). As you blow up the liner, it begins to fit to the shape of your heel and ankle. You’ll have a more steady stride because your ankles won’t be bending.

The Ribcor 50K Pump is more than a fancy liner. The boot is much more flexible skating both forward and backwards. This allows for better agility and transitions. Any defenseman will tell you that these are two of the most crucial parts of their game. They need to be able to able to transition forwards and backwards smoothly and jump into an offensive rush creating an odd man situation.

The tongue  of the Ribcor 50K Pump, also know as the TriGuard, is much thinner and lighter than their last pump skate. Since the tongue makes up a huge part of the skate, this takes weight off of your feet. You’ll instantly feel yourself moving a couple miles per hour faster.

4. Easton Mako Pro Hockey Skates

Easton is one of the biggest sports equipment manufacturers on Earth – especially in hockey. The reason they’re so big is because they take the time to make quality products. That’s exactly why the Eason Make Pro is one of the best hockey skates. This is the quintessential Easton hockey skate.

Their boot is call the adaptive RX. It’s extremely lightweight so you’re able to move quickly. Also, it’s extremely form fitting. You’ll be able to mold the skate to the shape of your foot so it’s more comfortable.

The way the boot of the Easton Mako Pro is made allows for more natural movement. This is because of the deep contour design. You’ll feel like there’s nothing on your feet at all.

The R9-9 foot runner radius puts the player in the perfect athletic position. You’ll have explosive take off and faster reaction time with the Mako Pro hockey skates.

Dominate Your Competition With the Best Hockey Skates

There are 4 hockey skates that we think are above the rest:

  • CCM Jetspeed
  • Bauer Supreme 1S
  • CCM Ribcor 50K Pump
  • Easton Mako Pro

Getting one of the best hockey skates can take your game to the next level. You’ll be able to move faster, transition quicker and be more protected.

If you’re looking for new hockey skates, check out Hockey Monkey. They’re one of the biggest online retails for hockey equipment. You’ll find all of these skates and more on their website.