The Best Hockey Pants

The last thing you want is to take a hard slap shot to the thigh without good protection. That would hurt. Having one of the best hockey pants could prevent any major injuries.

Not only should your legs be protected, but your hockey pants shouldn’t restrict movement. You should have full range of motion with your legs.

best hockey pants

There are many options of hockey pants that come in all shapes and sizes. We’ll help you with our list of 4 of the best hockey pants on the market.

1. CCM Ultra Tacks Pants

No one mixes comfort and protection quite like CCM. No shocker as they’ve been in the hockey business for quite some time. Their line of CCM Ultra Tacks hockey pants are a perfect example.

They have have nylon abrasion panels through out the pant. This helps make them lighter and more durable. You’ll be able to block more shots without the fear of the padding cracking.

Also, but the pads are PE cap reinforced with D30 smart foam. That’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. This means is that the thigh pads are made from extremely durable plastic encased in comfortable foam. You’ll be extra protected without sacrificing your ability to move easily. It’s a win-win situation.

There’s also a lower spine protector in the back of the CCM Ultra Tacks. You want this piece to line up with the bottom of your shoulder pads so your entire spine is covered. This is a great feature because not too many pants have something that keeps your lower back protected.

2. Easton Synergy GX Pants

Easton’s Synergy brand has been a leading equipment model for over 10 years. The Easton Synergy GX pants are some of the best hockey pants on the market.

They’re extremely comfortable thanks to their dynamic fit. They have 2-piece thigh guards so your legs are well protected but you still have excellent movement. The Synergy GX pants will not restrict your skating stride whatsoever.

If you’re battling in front of the net, you don’t have to worry about taking a slash. The Synergy GX has an HD foam and HEX membrane protecting your kidneys.

The lining won’t weigh you down by absorbing moisture. It wicks away sweat and water. Combine that with the pants already being pretty light and you’ll be skating faster than you ever have before.

3. Bauer Vapor 1X Hockey Pants

The Bauer Vapor 1X pants completely cover your hips, pelvis and thighs without restricting your movement. Much like the other pieces of Vapor equipment, Bauer really hit a home run with these hockey pants (or scored a hat trick – wrong sport).

Much like the CCM Ultra Tacks, the Vapor 1X has spine protection. Where it’s different is that it’s free flex. It bends and twists with your back as you move. Your spinal cord with never be exposed with this pair of hockey pants.

The spine, hip and thigh pads are also all made of aurolite technology.  It’s extremely protective but isn’t heavy. You’ll feel a load off your legs with a pair of Bauer Vapor 1X hockey pants.

There’s one feature the Bauer Vapor 1X pants have that you haven’t seen yet. They have a removable outer shell and thigh guards. Whenever you switch teams or want new colors, you can now do that without buying a whole new pair of pants.

4. STX Surgeon RX2 Pants

STX doesn’t have the same recognition in the hockey world as CCM, Bauer and Easton, but they do make a mean pair of hockey pants –  the STX Surgeon RX2.

The Surgeon RX2’s pads are made from GeoFlex. It’s impact-absorbent but known for not being too big and bulky. In other words, they won’t restrict your movement.

Speaking of being able to move well, the Surgeon RX2 pants have stretch panels on the thigh pads. That increases movement in your legs. Plus there’s also a thigh zipper so your hockey pants don’t hug your legs so snuggly. It’s almost like you aren’t wearing hockey pants at all.

The big claim to fame for the STX Surgeon RX2 is it’s Ice Skin technology. It promotes evaporation and helps regulate the temperature of your legs. So not only is it comfortable to skate, but your body will feel great even during the 3rd period.

Get the Best Hockey Pants on the Market

Your hockey pants play a crucial role in protecting your hips, pelvis and legs. A good pair of pants will give you the confidence to slide in front of shots from the point or get involved in scrums in front of the net.

That being said, you don’t want your hockey pants to prevent you from moving comfortably. Being able to keep your hips on a swivel and utilizing a full stride can be the difference between making a team or getting cut.

We’ve listed our 4 favorite pairs of hockey pants on the market:

  • CCM Ultra Tacks
  • Easton Synergy GX
  • Bauer Vapor 1X
  • Stx Surgeon RX2

If you’re interested in new pants, check out Hockey Monkey for the latest and greatest selection.