The Best Hockey Helmets

Concussions are a hot topic in hockey today. We know more about brain injuries than we ever have and the NHL is taking a hard stance on preventing players from playing when they’re hit to the head. In turn, hockey equipment companies are doing everything they can to create the best hockey helmet to limit the amount of injuries we see each year.

With everything you’ve probably heard, we’re sure you’re interested in keeping your brain or your child’s brain safe but it’s hard to find a great helmet. Hockey is never going to be a “soft” game so the risk for injuries isn’t going to decrease without proper protection. You want something that supports the back of your head, has hard protection that covers you completely and is comfortable.

best hockey helmet

We have a list of 4 hockey helmet that are the best of the best on the market right now. Keep reading if you want to keep yourself safer while you play the best game on ice.

1. Bauer Re-Akt 100 Hockey Helmet

Bauer has always been one of the best helmet manufactures for decades now. As technology improves, Bauer is leading the charge in marketing a durable, safe helmet for players of all ages. The newest model – the Bauer Re-Akt 100 – will keep your head safe even after a bone crushing hit.

They’re made with VTX technology  and triple-density impact management protection. Your head will be surrounded by a layer of plastic, foam and gel pads to combine ultimate protection and comfort in one package.

They also have YourFIT. These are spring-loaded side pads that give your helmet a better fit. You’re much safer when your hockey helmet fits snugly to your head. If it rattles around, you’re not protected at all – you’re more prone to concussions and whiplash.

The Bauer Re-Akt 100 has memory foam pads on your temples as well. Since it’s getting hit to the temple can be extremely dangerous, this added protection is crucial to keeping your head safe.

In order to keep your helmet light, the Bauer Re-Akt also includes a moisture management liner. This prevents sweat from being absorbed into the padding and weighing your head down. You’ll feel drier and more comfortable as you play.

2. CCM Fitlite 3DS Hockey Helmet

CCM has been around the hockey industry long enough to remember a time when there were no helmets. They’ve been around to see technology improve as we understood more and more about concussions. With all this knowledge, they’ve come up with one of the best hockey helmets: the CCM Fitlite 3DS.

One of their most impressive features is their smart foam with high shock absorbent properties. The foam padding that surrounds your head absorbs most of the shock from high hits preventing that impact from reaching your head.

Think of it like the shocks on a car – you don’t feel every bump and hole in the street because your car’s shocks are absorbing the impact.

Between your head and the foam is memory foam. There are a lot of advantages to having memory foam in your hockey helmet:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Adds another layer of protection
  • Light weight
  • Acts as a cushion

The CCM Fitlite 3DS allows you to adjust the helmet at 360 degrees. No matter where the helmet isn’t fitting properly, you can adjust it. The fitlite will fit to the shape of your head for the perfect combination of protection and comfort.

3. Warrior Covert PX+ Helmet

Much like the Covert stick and gloves, the Warrior Covert PX+ hockey helmet makes one of our “best of” lists. This is one of Warrior’s best lines to date.

So why is the PX+ considered on of the best hockey helmets?

It’s made of of several layers. The first is a thick layer of comfort foam. This was something desired by many NHL players because of its comfort. Beneath that the helmet is lined with a black EPP foam liner. It’s light weight and impact resistant.

The EPP foam also lets the player know when the protection of the helmet is compromised. When is has sustained too much pressure, it begins to visibly crack. If you see this, that means it’s time for a new bucket.

The final layer is a thick plastic casing that surrounds your entire head. Don’t worry, just because it’s thick doesn’t mean it’s heavy.  With these three layers together, your head will be encased in some of the strongest protection in the hockey market – the Warrior Covert PX+.

4. Bauer IMS 11.0 Helmet

Remember when we said Bauer has made some of the best hockey helmets? We weren’t kidding. Bauer has another entry on our list – the Bauer IMS 11.0.

Much like the Bauer Re-Akt 100, the IMS 11.0 sports a customized fit. You’re able to adjust the helmet to fit the shape of your head so it’s not wobbling around. The IMS 11.0 has a ProFit 2TM system with a 15 point micro adjustment. You have complete control over the fit of your helmet with the IMS 11.0.

How do you know if the helmet is adjusted properly? Rule of thumb: if you move your head, the helmet should move with you.

It also boasts a Seven TechnologyTM impact attenuation liner system which is patented by Bauer. What in the world does that mean?!

All that means is that Bauer has patented technology that absorbs most of the shock when your head hits the ice, boards or another player’s shoulder. No helmet other than the Bauer IMS 11.0 has this technology.

Keep Your Head Safe With the Best Hockey Helmet

If you want the best hockey helmet, you have several options:

It’s important to keep a few things in mind. You want to make sure your head is well protected. There should be extra padding around your temples and the top of the spinal cord. Also, many helmets have a shock absorbing pad that embraces the back of your head. That will absorb some of the shock if your head hits the ice.

It’s also crucial that your helmet fits properly. It should snugly fit and shouldn’t wobble around on your head. If your helmet it loose, it’s doing you no good. You shouldn’t be able to take it off without unhooking the straps.

If you need a new hockey helmet. Check out Hockey Monkey’s website. They offer the four helmets from above and a plethora of other options. Make sure you get the helmet that will keep you the safest while still being comfortable.