Best Hockey Goalie Gloves

Goalie is one of the most, if not the most, important position in hockey. They’re the one who must bare the responsibility of stopping 90+ mph shots from getting in the net. To accomplish this goal, they have to have one of the best hockey goalie gloves.

best hockey goalie gloves

Goalie gloves are made by a variety of different companies including typical companies such as CCM, Bauer, Easton and Reebok. How do you know what’s the best glove available? We’ve come up with our top 5 best hockey goalie gloves.

CCM Retro Flex III Goalie Glove

CCM combines advanced protection technology with superior engineering to design the Retro Flex III. The palm and cuff areas of the Flex III glove are heavily protected from impact with the puck thanks to the generous amounts D30 material. It provides unequaled protection and still lightweight enough to remain flexible.

CCM retained their popular 75-degree angle break which has made a lot of people who are familiar with CCM very happy. All of the seams are heavy duty sewn to prevent giving way at the wrong time. There is additional D30 material used to prevent accident impact from puck or stick that is outside of the palm and cuff areas.

Key Features

● 75-degree angle break
● D30 material for impact protection
● Wide open basket design

CCM Extreme Flex II 860 Goalie Glove

The Extreme Flex II Goalie Goalie Glove is one of the most advanced gloves CCM has ever made. It was made using high tech injection molded resin in the shell of the cuff and palm areas. Then there is a layer of thick molded PE foam for added protection against the impact of the puck or stick.

While there is plenty of protection, there is still measure of flexibility inside so that you maintain the amount of mobility in the crease. These are as a Nash liner inside to help keep the hand comfortable as measure builds up on the inside.

Key Features

● High strength Injection Resin Shell
● Heavy Duty PE Foam Protection
● 400 D Nylon fabric cover

Bauer Vapor 1X Glove

The Vapor 1X Glove is one of the most technically advanced gloves on the market. Bauer poured a whole lot of engineering into providing the goalie with all of the necessary protection to eliminate the worry of injury so that they can go all out and stop the puck from getting past them in the crease.

The combination of high impact Curv Composite shell in the cuff and palm areas and the lightweight Poron XRD giving the needed flexibility and overall protection from contact. Even the back of the hand is being given a measure of protection in the event the puck is being trapped on the ice.

Key Features

● Lightweight Curv Composite material for extra protection
● Deep Hybrid T pocket
● Poron XRD material

Bauer Vapor X900 Glove

The Vapor X900 is constructed of heavy-duty materials for extra protection against the puck. It features high impact plastic with high-density foam in all the necessary places to protect the hand. At the same time, there is enough flexibility so that you can catch the puck when needed. The protection extends all the way around the hand to the back of the hand.

The Vapor X900 possess the right amount of protection and movement that gives the goalie what they need in the crease to do what they need to do all game long. No worries about injury from the puck or accidental contact with a stick from the opposing team.

Key Features

● Thermo Max Liner
● Hybrid T Trap
● Free Flex Cuff

Vaughn T Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Hockey Goalie Glove

The T Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Catch Glove from Vaughn is made from many different materials that combine to make it a great goalie glove. Each of sensitive areas of the glove is backed by a lightweight carbon material to prevent puck penetration. It has a wide open pocket design with webbing that is designed to snare the puck as it comes flying in toward the net.

There is an extra amount of padding around the thumb and hand-based padding of the glove to provide an additional amount of comfort. The padded wrist strap provides the right amount of adjustability to ensure a perfect fit for the person wearing it.

Key Features

● Carbon Fiber backing inside
● Inner liner made from neoprene
● Sturdy, top-grain leather exterior for extra durability

Get the Best Hockey Goalie Gloves

No matter which of these 5 hockey goalie gloves you choose, you know you’re getting a high quality glove. Being able to catch the puck with ease is going to make you more valuable to your team and give you the ability to take your game to the next level.

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