The Best Hockey Gloves

When looking for the best hockey gloves, there are three things you need to consider: how well they protect your hand, how well you feel the puck and are they comfortable. These three features are what make a great pair of gloves.

It sounds simple but not all gloves are able to deliverthese features. So how are you going to know if you can feel the puck through the gloves or they’re comfortable during a game?

best hockey gloves

We’ll give you our list of the 4 best hockey gloves right now. Get ready to have the slickest mitts on your team.

1. Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Gloves

Whether it’s sticks or pads, Bauer’s Vapor line always hits a home run. The same can be said for the Bauer Vapor 1X hockey gloves. They offer the perfect combination of protection and comfort unlike any other glove you’ve ever used.

They sport a wide cuff that gives you the ability to easily move your wrist. This is essential for making crisp passes or quick wrist shots. Don’t think that just because the cuff is wide you’re unprotected. Your wrist will be completely covered no matter how they move. A slash across the wrist won’t stop you.

The Vapor 1X also had a 3-piece index finger. That means the index finger of the glove bends in three different places. It seems small, but this is a huge feature that can’t be overlooked. You’ll have better control over your stick and you’ll have better control while you’re stick handling. Who would’ve guess something so small could make such a large change in your game.

Most importantly:

Bauer made sure your their Vapor 1X gloves have great protection. The have PE inserts in the cuff, backhand and fingers. This cushions the impact of slashes and shots. You can confidently block a shot or get greasy in the corners without the fear of a hand injury.

2. Easton Synergy GX HL Hockey Gloves

Synergy has been Easton’s most dominate line for years. Their next line of gloves, the Easton Synergy GX HL, is one of the best. They have a HyperSkinTM Fit for extreme comfort and the perfect fit. It’s almost like you aren’t wearing a hockey glove at all.

The palm of the Synergy GX HL’s palm is made of a black nash with grip. This gives makes it hard to knock the stick out of your hand and you’re able to feel the puck better. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to slide your hands up and down the shaft of your stick easily.

The Easton Synergy GX HL are protective as well. They have a dense foam with PE inserts throughout the glove, a cable mesh shell and ergo thumbs. You’ll be protected from slashes and hacks on your hands and wrist.

3. Warrior Covert QRL Gloves

Warrior makes some slick looking sticks and equipment. Same can be said about the Warrior Covert QRL gloves. They’re not on our list of the 4 best hockey gloves because they look good. They offer many features that separate them from their competitors.

Lets start with their weight. The Warrior Covert QRL gloves are the lightest gloves on the market. It might seem insignificant, but every split second counts. Being able to quickly flick your wrists or slide your hands down your stick’s shaft can be the difference between getting a shot through a screen or having it blocked.

They also feature an Axyflex cuff which allows for maximum wrist mobility. Being able to bend and rotate your wrist freely means you’ll be able to stick handle and shoot more effectively. Plus, you’ll have a quicker release on your shot which will fool more goaltenders.

The palms of the Warrior Covert QRL are made specifically to feel the puck better. You’ll never have to look down and check again (which is extremely dangerous. That’s how you get crushed). Don’t worry, they’re not thinner than a normal palm. They won’t rip or tear easily – they’re extremely durable.

4. True XC9 Pro ZPalm Hockey Gloves

True might not be the most well known hockey company, but they keep finding a way on our lists. The True XC9 Pro Zpalm gloves might not be the flashiest hockey gloves on our list but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic. Looks aren’t everything.

The True XC9 gloves are best known for the ZPalms. They’re an interchangeable palm which allows you to easily change their palms. There are five different palm options available to choose from:

  • Z-standard – a balance of feel, durability and comfort
  • Z-pro – designed for the best feel
  • Z-power – designed for the best durability
  • Z-grip – has grip
  • Z-fit – designed for the best comfort

The exterior shell is made from an ultra light-weight nylon which makes the glove much lighter than many other options. Also, the material is very breathable meaning your hands will experience more air flow through the glove. It’ll make your hands feel much drier.

The True XC9 Pro has a Trueflexx lock thumb. Most gloves lock the thumb in place but the Trueflexx gives your thumb a larger range of motion while still keeping it well protected. This will help you grip your stick better or pick it up when it’s knocked out of your hands.

Get the Best Hockey Gloves

The best hockey gloves have the perfect combination of protection, feel and comfort. It’s also good to get gloves that are durable so they’ll last a while.

We’ve come up with a list of gloves what meet those criteria:

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