The Best Hockey Girdle

Keeping your legs and groin protected is extremely important but you don’t want to feel constricted and lose your ability to take a full stride. That’s why it’s important to get the best hockey girdle.

While hockey girdles are more often used in roller hockey or for reffing, many ice hockey players enjoy their comfort and extra protection. Since these aren’t commonly worn, it might be difficult to find the perfect pair.

best hockey girdle

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you find the best hockey girdle. We have four suggestions to help you get started.

1. Tackla Air 4500 Hockey Girdle

Tackla’s Air 4500 is the ultimate blend of safety and lightweight comfort. The streamlined fit design gives you a super snug fit, great protection, and superior comfort. Complete with foam fortified with hard plastic protection and pocketed pads, you can rest easy knowing you are completely protected.

Best of all you can customize this girdle with your team colors with Tackla’s girdle shell. The Tackla Air 4500 hockey girdle scores a perfect ten for us, because we know it will work for you.

2. Bauer Supreme 1000 Hockey Girdle

If you are a hockey player and need that combination of safety and fit to play at your best level, then you should take a look at the Bauer Supreme 1000 hockey girdle. Featuring impressive safety measures like dual-density premolded foams, oval kidney wraps, and reinforced thigh guard protection, you can focus on the game knowing you are in good hands.

And if you are worried that the safety measures will restrict your game you will be happy to know that the 1000 comes with adjustable leg wrap, flex front panels, and a quick-release belt system.  Your legs won’t be restricted and you’ll still be able to take a full stride.

Hockey can be a rough and tumble sport, so it is best to be prepared with a girdle like this that gives you a good fit and supreme protection.

3. Warrior Dynasty Hockey Girdle

Sometimes you need to unleash your inner warrior on the ice. The Dynasty hockey girdle is designed for a superior fit, protection, and mobility. In our option, the stand out feature  is the lightweight spine and kidney piece that will protect you from body checks and sticks without sacrificing the mobility you need to make the play.

The Warrior Dynasty is designed with strategically placed foam and plastic protection that secures to your legs and hips to maximize your safety. Their impressive WarTech fnC liner is powered by polygiene to keep you cool, and dry while stopping odor in its tracks.

If you want to play hard you need equipment that works hard, and the Warrior Dynasty brings that to the table with this hockey girdle.

4. Easton Synergy HSG Hockey Girdle 

Any serious athlete is looking for that edge that pushes their game over the top. The Easton Synergy HSG. Girdle might just be what you are looking for to elevate your game. Made with trademarked Hyperskin technology, a second skin with floating PE and HD foam padding on a stretch base to provide unparalleled mobility and full coverage protection.

The spine area is made with state of the art lightweight E-cell foam lattices providing you with breathable protection. And since you need your equipment to fit just right, the Synergy HSG comes with flexible lycra leg openings with velcro adjustment.

This product is a culmination of Easton’s dedication to the craft of quality hockey equipment for you to take your game to the next level.

Stay Protected with the Best Hockey Girdle

We’ve given you our 4 options for the best hockey girdle:

If you’d like to see your other options, check out Hockey Monkey’s website. You have many other choices available to you.