The Best Cheap Hockey Sticks – Sticks for $100 or Less

As we’re sure you already know, hockey isn’t a cheap sport. Most of the equipment can run  you over $200 a piece and there are a lot of equipment you need to play. Surely there has a be some relief? These cheap hockey sticks should help you with that hole in your pocket.

Just because a hockey stick is cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t high quality. We’ve found 4 hockey sticks that are high quality despite the price.

cheap hockey sticks

Check out our list of the 4 best cheap hockey sticks. These twigs will run you no more the $100. You’ll get more bang for your buck. If you don’t see a stick you like here, check out our list of the best hockey sticks.

1. Bauer Supreme 180 Hockey Stick

Like our list of the best hockey sticks, Bauer leads the charge with an impressive twig. The Bauer Supreme 180 may be under $100 but will find it difficult to tell the difference between this and $250 sticks.

The Supreme 180 has a mid-kick flex profile which means it’s easier to load through the middle. There are softer properties in the middle of your shaft which causes the stick to flex in the middle. You’ll have a harder, more accurate slap shot.

Unlike the middle of your stick’s shaft, the blade in much harder. The added stiffness prevents the blade from twisting and torquing when you’re taking shots. This makes the blade more durable without decreasing your shots power.

The Bauer Supreme 180 uses AERO FOAM which makes the hockey stick extremely light. It also provides great feel for the puck. You’ll have no problem stick handling and shooting with this amazing hockey stick.

2. Sher-Wood EK Hockey Stick

Sher-Wood is known for making quality wood sticks but as times change, so did Sher-Wood. Their new composite stick, the Sher-Wood EK, is one of the best cheap hockey sticks.

Most Sher-wood hockey sticks aren’t very light (wood isn’t the lightest material). The EK is different though. It weighs in at 480 grams. You’ll have a quicker release which will fool goalies. You’ll see your goal totals rise instantly.

The EK also has a low pick point. This will improve your release because the flex is lower on your stick. It will also help keep your shot low. This is perfect for defensemen who are looking for low quick shots from the point.

The Sher-Wood EK is made of FFZ technology. It’s extremely durable and light. You’ll be able to shoot, pass and stick handle faster than ever before.

3. CCM RibCor 46k Hockey Stick

CCM has been in the stick game for decades so when they make a more affordable hockey stick, you’re still getting quality. They have year of experience on their side. The CCM RibCor 46K is a perfect example of a fantastic CCM hockey stick for under $100.

The entire RibCor series is known for being easier to load and generating more power in your shot. The 46K is no different. Like the Sher-Wood EK, the CCM RibCor 46K has a low kick point meaning you’ll be able to take quick low shots. You’ll be able to take a shot and crash the net looking for a rebound.

The RibCor 46k consists of carbon fibers permanently in tension which means it takes less effort to load the fiber of the shaft. Think of it as if the stick is already pre-loaded. You’ll see yourself taking much harder, quicker shots and beating goalies with ease.

The blade of the CCM RibCor 46K goes from having a stiff heal to an extra stiff toe. Not only is the toe of your blade more durable, but it helps keep the blade square to your target. You’ll find your shot being more accurate. Combine that with the low kick point and the carbon fiber shaft and your shot will be better than it has ever been.

4. Warrior Dynasty HD4 Hockey Stick

Warrior is a newer hockey company but their equipment has made a name for itself (literally! they’ve had a line called the Mac Daddy). While the actual name isn’t crazy, you won’t forget the Warrior Dynasty HD4 if you get your hands on it.

The Dynasty HD4 is engineered with a HardDrive Kick-Zone. This optimizes the energy transfer into your shot. What in the world does all of that mean? It means it will require less effort to get a faster shot. You’ll be blasting clappers past goalies in no time.

It also has Strong Arm Taper technology. What this does is resist torque and improve the power and accuracy of your shot. Are you seeing a pattern with the Warrior Dynasty HD4? You’re going to have an amazing shot!

Unlike the other sticks on this list, the Warrior Dynasty HD4 has a grip on the shaft. This gives you a better feel for the puck while you’re stick handling and shooting. Plus it’ll be harder to knock the stick out of your hands because they’ll be locked in place.

Don’t Break the Bank with The 4 Best Cheap Hockey Sticks

You don’t have to spend $250 – $300 to get a great hockey stick. Check out these 4 cheap hockey sticks:

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