The Best Cheap Hockey Skates – The 4 Best Options Under $250

The most crucial piece of hockey equipment is your hockey skates – you won’t be able to play without them. That’s why it’s important to get a good pair but that can run you over $700! Don’t worry – there are great cheap hockey skates made for players on a budget.

cheap hockey skates

Our team of experts have come up with 4 options that are perfect for any hockey player looking for an affordable pair of skates that are still good quality. Let’s get started!

1. CCM Tacks 4052 Hockey Skates

CCM Tacks have been a premier hockey skate line for decades – dating back to 1905. Even if you’re not getting the top-of-the-line Tacks, you’re guaranteed a pair of skates that are protective, durable and comfortable. Case and point: the CCM Tacks 4052.

There isn’t a boot more responsive than the CCM Tacks 4052. It’s made from the AttackFrame which internally reinforces both the heel and the eyelets. Combined with its T4 Core, the CCM  Tacks 4052‘s boot releases energy improving your acceleration.

The blade holder of the CCM Tacks 4052 is 4 millimeters higher. This gives you a different angle for greater acceleration out of tight turns. You’ll be a bigger threat on the forecheck and cause more offensive zone turnovers.

The CCM Tacks 4052 are also extremely comfortable. The contoured fit profile fits your foot perfectly from heel to toe throughout the boot. This is especially true around the ankles which prevents you from bending (you don’t want to be a bender).

2. Graf PeakSpeed PK3300 Hockey Skates

Along with CCM, Graf is synonymous with making high quality skates for a long period of time. Even when they’re not the top of the line, you’ll love your Graf skates. That’s why it’s a no brainier that the Graf PeakSpeed PK3300 make our list of the best cheap hockey skates.

Why do you ask?

The boot of the Graf PeakSpeed is made of a 2-piece moldable composite. That means they can easily be heat molded to the contour of your feet. It’ll feel like you aren’t even wearing a skate – it’s an extension of your leg!

We wrote an article about the 4 lightest hockey skates which mostly weighed between 750-800 grams. The Graf PeakSpeed PK3300 skates weigh an astounding 820 grams. Having a lighter skate means you’ll have more explosive strides to hit your peak speed quicker (hence the name). Plus, the liner stays drier longer so your skate won’t be weighed down by sweat and water.

3. Easton Mako M7 Hockey Skates

Easton has been a premier sports equipment company for years – including hockey. That’s why even their budget hockey skates are still extremely high quality. The Easton Mako M7s are proof that Easton can be a great skate at a lower price.

The Easton Mako M7s have M1 Monocoque Chassis which give you more explosive acceleration. You’ll hit your top speed quicker so you can easily beat your opponents to  loose pucks and get more break-aways. Thanks to the Mako M7s, you’ll be lethal in all 3 zones!

Around the ankle there is a moldable ankle lock. That means the skates can be heat molded to the shape of your ankle and they won’t slide up and down as you skate. Plus, this will lock your ankle in place and will prevent it from bending. This will improve your skating stride and overall speed. Combine that with the Adaptive HDPE construction for the best customization fit, you won’t find a more comfortable skate.

The Easton Mako M7 skates are durable as well. They’re composed of a EC50 carbon fibers and the runner is made from stainless steel. From blocked shots to slashes, the Mako M7s can handle anything thrown at them.

4. Bauer Vapor X500 Hockey Skates

When you think of Bauer hockey skates, the first pair that comes to mind is the Bauer Supreme 1S skates (they were on our best hockey skates list). That being said, don’t look past the Bauer Vapor X500s. They’re a great pair of skates for a hockey player on a limited budget.

T he X500s have the same X-Rib pattern found in all Vapor hockey skates for tighter turns and more acceleration out of turns. However, they have additional structural support for more protection and durability when blocking shots or getting slashed. You’ll be able to move comfortably knowing your feet are well protected.

The Bauer Vapor X500s also boast a microfiber liner which is extremely comfortable. It’s like putting your foot in a giant bed. The liner also reduces drying time between ice times. If you’ve ever been on a long hockey tournament, you know how important this is. It helps improve the comfortable of the skate and prevents it from being weighed down by sweat and water.

Have you ever cracked a blade on your skates? They can be a pain to change. Not with the X500s! With the simple pull of a trigger, you can change the runner and add new steel to your blades. So if your blade cracks mid-game, you won’t have to miss time trying to get it fixed and you’ll be on the ice for your next shift.

Skate on a Discount With These Great Cheap Hockey Skates

Finding high quality, cheap hockey skates might seem impossible, but it isn’t! We have a list of four great options you can choose from:

You’re not limited to these options –  Hockey Monkey‘s website has many other options that might intrigue you. You don’t have to spend the big bucks to get a great pair of hockey skates. You have budget friendly options that won’t inhabit your skills.