The Best Hockey Bags

You’re going to need something to carry all of your hockey equipment. Something that is durable, water resistant and looks good. You’ll need one of the best hockey bags.

What’s the big deal about a bag though? Can’t you just get any type and call it a day? You can, but there are consequences. Maybe they aren’t big enough. Or maybe they won’t last longer than half a season.

You don’t need to deal with any of that. Here’s a list of our favorite hockey equipment bags.

best hockey bags

1. Sher-Wood Heritage Bag

The Sher-Wood Heritage hockey bag is a nice big hockey equipment bag. It’s 33in x 20in x 15in. In other words, no matter how big your pads get, you’ll be able to fit them in this monster. There’s also a Jr model for the little guys.

Not only is it built big it’s also waterproof and impact resistant. When you go on your next weekend hockey tournament, you know your expensive equipment in going to be safe with the Sher-Wood  Heritage.

The inside is also lined with a rubber coating. This will prevent your sharp skates from ripping holes in the bag. This hockey bag will last longer and be able to withstand much more abuse than any other hockey bag.

The Sher-Wood Heritage has a customize ID window on the side. You won’t have to worry about losing your hockey equipment bag at the airport on hockey tournaments. It’ll always have your name and phone number on it just like you’d have on luggage.

You have three different color combinations to choose from with the Sher-Wood Heritage so make sure you get the style you like best.

2. Grit GX2 Gearbox Hockey Bag

The reason the Grit GX2 Gearbox is one of the best hockey bags is because it organizes your equipment very nicely. Inside the bag are slots. Each one is for a separate piece of equipment. You’ll know where everything is at all times and you’re almost guaranteed never to forget equipment at at home again.

If you’re not a fan of the equipment divide, don’t worry. It’s 100% removable.

Not only that, but the Grit GX2 Gearbox also has mesh nets on the side. You’re able to put your towels, stick wax and extra skate laces in there so they’re not mixed among your equipment.

On the top flap is an extra zippered compartment. You’re able to store tools you use frequently in here such as hockey tape.

The Grit GX2 Gearbox has FiberSpineT as it’s main support structure. All that means is that the weight in your hockey bag is evenly distributed while carrying it on its sling.

3. Bauer 950 Hockey Bag

If you like bags with a lot of pouches, the Bauer 950 is the bag for you. While it doesn’t have the equipment divider of the Grit GX2 Gearbox, it does have the pouches on both sides inside.

That’s not all.

There are zippered pouches on both edges on the outside of the bag. You can use this for tape and laces but we have another idea. Why not use them for your skates. You can keep the sharp blades away from your other equipment. This will prevent your equipment from getting torn by the sharp blades.

The bottom of the Bauer 950 is waterproof as well. Locker room floors are very wet. Whether it’s ice, sweat or water from the shower, it gets everywhere. The last thing you want is for your bag to soak up all of that moisture. Don’t worry – it won’t happen with the Bauer 950.

The Bauer 950 is made with Dura Hex. It’s extra strong nylon textile made to be extra durable. This hockey bag should last you a long, long time.

4. Grit Airbox Gear Bag

Another Grit bag rounds out our list of the best hockey bags. And this is one big bag. The Grit Airbox measures 36in x 20in x 16in. You’ll be able to fit a lot of hockey equipment inside.

It’s also the most customizable hockey bag on this list. There are 5 vastly different color schemes you can choose from.

The reason it’s called “the Airbox” is because is has polyester webbing mesh. This allows your hockey equipment bag to have great ventilation. This almost eliminate the hockey smell from your bag. You know that smell!

While there are no side pouches, that doesn’t mean you’ll suffer from a lack of organization. The Grit Airbox has dividers and pockets inside of the bag to help keep your hockey equipment and tools organized.

Avoid Wheeling Bags

If you’re looking for the best hockey bags, never go for a bag with wheels.

Why you ask?

  • As you get older, it’ll be the butt of most jokes
  • Hard to carry up and down stairs
  • Very heavy
  • Pretty bulky

Carrying a hockey bag isn’t a big deal. You absolutely do not need a hockey equipment bag with wheels.

The Best Hockey Bag is a Click Away

We’ve provided our list of the best hockey bags on the market:

  • Sher-Wood Heritage
  • Grit GX2 Gearbox
  • Bauer 950
  • Grit Airbox

We also recommend avoiding hockey equipment bags with wheels. They’re more of a headache than anything else.

If you’re looking for a new hockey bag, check out Hockey Monkey. They have the best selection of new hockey bags on the internet.