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Best Hockey Stick Brands

Your hockey stick does more than you think. Different brands offer different weights, kick-points and feels. Having the right stick can gives you confidence and courage when handling the puck. That’s why it’s important to make sure you find the best hockey stick brands that offers high quality products.

Between CCM, Bauer, Easton and dozens of other companies putting out multiple stick models each year, how do you know what’s the best? We’ll give you our list of the best hockey stick brands to maximize your performance.

1. Bauer Hockey Company

bauer hockey stick

Whether you are a rookie or a pro Bauer has the stick style for you. Whether your game relies on full motion, mid motion, or quick motion shots, Bauer has meticulously designed a range of sticks to give you unparalleled control.

The Supreme line is designed for full motion shots with a high kick point and a responsive blade which work together to optimize powerful shots. This line of hockey sticks maximizes energy transfer to give you the hardest shot possible. These sticks will make every goalie you come up against shake in their skates from the thought of your slap shot. The Bauer is broken up into a series of price point segments for different levels of play.

At the pro level you have the MX3 which is used by NHL standouts like Alexander Ovechkin, Steven Stamkos, and Patrick Sharp. You also have the option of Elite or Performance level sticks like the 190, 180, 170, and 160.

The Vapor line is constructed for quick motion shots with a low kick point and a crisp blade. Vapor sticks are designed with a stiff blade core and round shaft for a fast release to get your shots off  as quickly as possible.

At the pro level you have the 1X which is seen in the hands of players like Patrick Kane, Ryan Getzlaf, and Ryan Johansen. At the elite level you have quality sticks like the X900 or X800 and at the performance level X700 or X600. If you rely on quick movements to dangle around the defenders and flick the puck into the corner, this line of sticks is perfect for you.

The Nexus line is for those types of players who rely on accurate shots to bury the puck in the back of the net. With a mid kick point and a responsive blade with a large sweet spot the Nexus line allows you to shoot with deadly precision anywhere on the ice. The Pro stick under the Nexus line is the 1N composite stick which is utilized by NHL stars such as Jonathan Toews, Jeff Carter, and Anze Kopitar.

If you are looking for a well balanced stick with effortless release then the Nexus line is made for you, whether at the Pro level with the 1N or N9000, N8000, N7000, or N6000 at the elite or performance levels.

Bauer sticks come in a variety of lines designed for many types of players, so you are sure to find an ideal weapon with Bauer before you get on the ice.

2. Easton Hockey Company

easton hockey stick

The experts here agree that Easton sticks are among the top tier instruments you can buy. Carefully designed for a variety of different play styles you will be able to find a stick that suits your unique game.

The Synergy line, headlined with the Synergy GX, come in various blade patterns and utilizes impressive Shotboost technology where four sheets of micro-thin carbon fiber are rolled into tubes and inserted at the corners of the shaft to provide more energy return with the benefit of additional strength. The Exo-Rim gives the blade added strength and stability while snapping the puck with improved velocity and accuracy.

Finally the Hyperlight design removes excess material in the taper to create an ultra-low kick-point and blade light balance. The synergy line is used by NHL standouts like Erik Johnson and Eric Fehr.

The Stealth line is Easton’s other line of stickS and is a major standout when it comes to impressive hockey stick quality and design. The Stealth CX is a one-piece stick that uses the original Stealth process of seamlessly molding the shaft and the blade. Made with an elliptical profile that increases torsional resistance and controls the twisting of the shaft and blade for pinpoint accuracy.

Like the Synergy line it is made with a Hyperlight design to create a low-kick point and blade light balance. NHL players such as Mike Cammalleri, Zach Parise, and Jared Spurgeon all use the Stealth line of sticks.

Overall the Easton brand is a no brainer when it comes to quality hockey sticks, with careful design choices and stylish craftsmanship they have produced another series of excellent sticks.

3. CCM

ccm hockey stick

CCM sticks receive an A+ from our experts. Made with masterful dedication to the craft and designed to bring out the best performance from all skill levels, CCM manufactures some of the best quality sticks you can bring to the ice.

The Ribcor line, headed by the Ribcor Trigger ASY, is an impressive culmination of hard work and dedication to the craft of hockey stick design. The new flex profile boosted by the Trigger ASY was designed with feedback from NHL players. Constructed with Pop Matrix technology that feature performance fibers that are constantly in tension for a quick and efficient power transfer.

Also featuring the Ascent Blade 2 which is a lighter blade that improves puck feel for delicate maneuvering while maintaining toe stiffness. The Ribcor line features a low-kick point for easy to load shots with a quick release. .

The RBZ line, headlined by the RBZ Revolution stick, has the tagline of ‘This is Not Cheating’, and that is an apt statement because when you are on the ice with an RBZ stick you will feel guilty playing at such a high level. But that’s you, the stick is there to help bring out your talent, and boy do these sticks bring out the best in you.

The RBZ Revolution features impressive Faceplate technology with Power Alloy which is a new blade structure which increases the blades sweet spot while shooting. Another unique feature is the custom kick point flex profile that is ideal for shooters. The stick will ultimately flex where the shooter’s bottom hand is placed.

The Super Tacks line featuring the Super Tacks Stick features two distinctive loading zones to maximize wrist and slap shots. Constructed with a lighter blade than seen in previous generations while maintaining the same level of stiffness helping to keep the blade square on target and keep your shot more accurate. The Super Tacks line of sticks always continues to impress our here with improved quality with every iteration.

The CCM line is preferred by NHL superstars with a variety of play styles such as Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, Patrice Bergeron, John Tavares, and Filip Forsberg which demonstrates there is a hockey stick for you under one of CCM’s many different options.

4. Warrior Hockey Company

the mac daddy

Warrior’s hockey sticks are broken into two distinct lines; The Dynasty, for players who rely on power and the Covert line, featuring a lightning quick release for players who use finesse and speed to get their goals.

AxySym technology provides the foundation for the Dynasty AX line of sticks. Featuring a mid-kick point that is perfect for powerful slap shots and one timers. And the ProTex grip is featured on the shaft as a textured surface with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for maximum drive and control.

Featuring Dagger Tapper III technology the Covert line of sticks by Warrior have a unique and strong profile creates a low-kick point that is easy to load and quick to release electrifying shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Some NHL players that use Warrior gear and sticks include Brendan Gallagher, Patrick Eaves, Marcus Foligno, and Markus Granland.

5. Sher-Wood

sher-wood hockey stick

If you are looking for a hockey stick that is seemingly made just for you, you’re sure to find something in one of Sher-Wood’s many lines of hockey sticks.

The BPM line is designed to give you a combination of balance, power, and mobility in one masterfully crafted stick. Rather that focus on one aspect of the game, BPM sticks are designed to elevate your skills in all areas of the game. This line of sticks is perfect for players who are still finding themselves and their play style while they advance in their hockey career.

The Rekker line of sticks are lightweight with a low-kick point to execute quick, accurate, and hard-hitting wrist shots. These sticks are for players who use their speed to their advantage. Highlighted in the Rekker EK60 hockey stick which is infused with graphene to make it one of the lightest sticks you can buy today at 385 grams. This stick can do anything you need, allowing you a fast reaction time when you need to cut or dangle past the competition.

With the True Touch line power is the name of the game. The flexing profile offers more give in the middle of the shaft which allows for more energy and and velocity transfer to your shots.

The Sher-Wood lines all feature something that is essential for quality hockey stick design and that is expert craftsmanship and careful decision making in the process of generating new ideas to produce truly remarkable sticks.

What Are You Waiting For? Get the Best Hockey Sticks!

If you want to dangle benders and snipe tenders, you are going to need the best hockey stick. Whether it’s Bauer, Easton, CCM, Warrior or Sher-Wood, there’s bound to be a hockey stick brand for you. Check out more articles from Dangle and Snipe Hockey to learn more about hockey equipment and take your game to the next level.